Awareness of Zwift in the Public Sphere (focused on Runners)

In the past six months I’ve talked to numerous runners in the U.S. and several countries abroad (during travels) about Zwift.

The percentage of runners that knew about Zwift (my informal highly unscientific polling) was below 10.
In my case I was an avid frustrated virtual runner using very old software programs until by accident I talked to a work colleague about online running and was introduced to the platform that changed my entire experience for the better.

What about the runners I talked to? A pretty high percentage (would estimate about 1/3) expressed a great deal of interest and asked me for more information. They especially liked how enjoyable/convenient it made running indoors when time/location or weather didn’t allow for outdoor running.

I have no doubt Zwift will someday be a huge brand in the public eye as they grow more sophisticated and interactive. I’ve been doing virtual running since the 90’s and have been waiting 20 years for such a product, so pretty thrilled that Zwift came along!