Award a watch and feature timed easter-eggs

Once I happened to stop in the village on the way up the mountain and noticed softly playing polka music.  It got me thinking it would be fun to have events occur every once-in-while at certain locations.  Like the royalty of the castle on the way up the mountain might come out and make a proclamation.  It could be timed and there could be an award of a watch (maybe with a calendar too since a day is like 40 minutes long, right?) your avatar could look at to figure out how to catch the event in the future.  It could be like a puzzle where if you observed something occur and made note of a clue it could help you figure out when to see an event elsewhere.

I guess this is not in line with the general direction of the game, but it does make me laugh to think about it and I think some new layers would be super.