Avec Femmes and Spring Training missions not credited

Yep, didn’t get credit for stage 1 of spring plan today (from workout folder.

Sorry we are all going through this though I am comforted to see I am not alone. Same issue. I expect Zwift will make good on the credit once they can sort through this. Too many mission badges on the line for us all.


Same issue here. I received an email acknowledging completion of the Avec Femmes mission, but in game it seems ‘stuck’ with 6km to complete the mission. Similarly, for the Spring Training mission I got an email acknowledging completion of the 1st training session (done as a ‘group workout’), but in game continues to show 0% completion for the mission

Same here. Completed Zwift Spring Workouts no. 1 and 6, and my progress bar still shows 0%.

I’ve flagged this with our team and we’ll respond when we have more information.


Rode the April 23, 1710 ET Cobble Crusher Stage 3 and no credit.

Hey everyone, the team are looking into this now.


Thank you James! You’ve been great about communication on these pages across all sorts of posts, and its really appreciated! Ride on

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Thanks James

Seems to be fixed now. I have credit for Spring Training 1 and the cobble crusher stages 3 and 4.

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Works for me now. Thanks.

All OK for me now. Good work :+1:t2:

Should all be sorted now - thanks for highlighting!


Sorted for me, now it shows the progress correctly upon completion of an update this morning :blush:

Thank you Zwift Team!

Thanks again! I confirmed working for me now, past rides/workouts were credited and did fresh new one today and miles and workout credited. Ride on

Not sure if it’s a related bug, but I’ve completed all six Spring Training sessions and it’s marked as completed on my homescreen but I haven’t received the badge:

If you contact support they can look into this for you.

Experience the same problem? Don’t miss out on completing the February mission! Unfortunately, two of your rides have not been counted towards your total distance. Embarking on my fitness journey, I took on the first workout alone. However, my training mission remains at 0 out of 6.

Thanks James, here’s the response I got from support if it helps anyone else:


Thanks for reaching out to us! This is [ ], I’m an Account Specialist here at Zwift.

We’re sorry to read the badge for the Spring Training Mission was not credited as I know how significant the effort you’ve done is. We appreciate your effort in sending us these screenshots, I can see how important is for you to have this taken care of. Let me assist you!

After taking a look at your account I’ve noticed that you completed the six Stages of the Spring Training Mission, Congratulations! You did a great job! On the other hand, I would like to let you know that at this time, we’re technically limited to grant badges for missions and our technical team is working on a solution for this, we truly apologize as I know this is not the answer you were expecting to hear and I understand that this may cause an impact. You are a valuable member of Zwift and we appreciate your understanding on this matter.

Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

Kind regards.

Does the badge appear for anyone else?

Hi M, I didn’t get a badge either, but, that made me rethink about what this was, and it is labeled as a Spring Training Workout Series (not a mission), so I suspect there is NOT a badge that is supposed to come with it. Zwift Insider didn’t mention that as a reward either, which usually they will for non mission based items that if completed result in a reward. So, long story short I suspect no badge comes with completion of this workout series.