Avatars weaving after July 2021 release [1.15.0]

It was very near unrideable. AppleTV/Wattbike setup and draft had worked without issue in 3R Whole Lotta Lava race before the DIRT Doozy. My avatar seemed stuck in the left lane the entire ride with no draft plus the zig-zagging as described.

Dear Shooj,

I raced Yorkshire on Tuesday and we often had one rider out of the pack on the left hand side. What I couldn’t tell when it was me (iPad, not Windows OS) was whether I was still counted as being in the draft. I didn’t get the 4m message for instance. On the other hand, it may have felt that with nobody ahead of me at all, there was no distance to catch.

  1. Had this problem in [Midweek Motivation Ride with Team TIBCO] yesterday. It was a ride in London. Looks like all locations riding on the left hand side have this issue.

  2. Windows

  3. You can see it also in the video posed by MikeBikes. It looks like a lot of people in a large pack will swing to the middle of the road while a few stay on the left. It is almost like there are two distinct lines. In a small (2-4 people) pack the swing to the other line to avoid collision is even more noticeable. Sticky draft seems to be much stronger (you only need ~60% watts of the person in front of you to overtake him) but you lose much speed when you swing out. Draft also wears off much closer than before, it takes a huge effort recovering to the position in the group once there is a gap of >5m.

Happened to me in London during the Booty Thompkins Climbing Race. It was nearly impossible to draft because every time I got close to another rider I would swing wildly to one side. On one of the boulevards I passed right through a column in the middle of the road!

Running Zwift on an 8th generation iPad running system software version 14.6.

It was happening to both me and the other riders.

You can see it in this image here where the pack is right in the centre of the road, looked like we were going to hit the monument but we swung out at the last minute

I would say the weaving and the stuck to the centerline is two different issues.

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They might well be, but the image also shows three lone riders out of the pack. The centreline issue exacerbates this issue as they end up further from the pack, although quicker around the hairpins!

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Your new released is a horrid. Riders are zigzaggy. I quit my ride 60mins at 7mins yesterday. At the Specialized ride.
U had the ‘none draft’ feature enabled. In Makuri Island, it’s so bad, we are on head-ons with riders on the other side of the road.

It appears to only affect worlds, where we ride on the left side. London, Yorkshire and Makuri.
When in a pack, the pack wants to move toward the right side of the road, but is blocked off at the middle. This does not happen in the other worlds with right sided riding.


Good shout, maybe the tweaked dynamics don’t account for the fact that riders aren’t consistently at the same side of the road in all of the game.

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Good observation! I’ve added your comment to the work ticket.
This gold nugget is why we organize bug discussions narrowly, and talk through them together.

I came here to make the same observation. On the Makuri world my avatar tends towards riding in the middle of the road when it be should towards the inside of the lane, which suggested to me that there should be different defaults for worlds where we ride on the left versus on the right.

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Weaving avatars in London world meant that sweeping was impossible, draft not working properly and couldn’t pull someone back to the group. Nearly died trying! It’s a real shame as it was not possible to assist people dropping off back into the pack.

Was happening to me in London on a DIRT race last night, group of 4 or 5 riders, constant swerving, getting thrown into statues in the middle of the road, other times getting stuck out to the side of the other riders and not getting in their draft. Using iPad.

London 7/21 and again 7/22. MS Windows. Tacx Neo Bike. Avatar spent most of it’s time drifting into a solo position on the left with some really nauseating swerves to the right. On two out of five laps I ended up soloing most of the Mall on the left with my group (about 10 riders) in a tight group on the right. I noticed other avatars doing the same on other laps. I also noticed that during the rare occasions I was in a group we were not going that much quicker than solo riders. A group of 10 at 2.8 w/kg was not dropping a single guy at 2.7 w/kg as quickly as I am used to.

I’ve done a few rides in Watopia and London since the update. Same issue with avatars weaving all over the place when near others. Driving me crazy!!!

Don’t know if related but cadence won’t work since update as well. New battery in stages.

Yes - happened to me just now on a solo ride in London (7pm NZST). Every time I passed another cyclist my avatar swerved to middle of road suddenly. The avatars I had just past then swerved also following me across the road once my back wheel had just fully passed their front wheel.
Also a lot of other avatars doing this constantly on same side of road and coming towards me too.

@shooj ,

I’m wondering if there is some data to see if the affected rides all have or don’t have double draft enabled ? Would like to know to proactively remove or enable it on our rides until this is fixed along with a list of routes that the issue doesn’t happen on so we can restrict rides to those courses as it
Completely destroys the experience for the entire participants of the group ride.



Double draft is engaged on all Viking Valhalla rides, including the London ride, which was affected, and other rides (Paris, Innsbruck) which were not affected.
Also note: the after-party of the London ride was affected in the same way as the group ride itself. Double draft applied to the ride, but (I assume) not the after-party.
These observations suggest that double draft does not inflence the swerving behaviour.

Did a very short test ride on Yorkshire this evening - platform is Windows 10 - and in the example of just coming up behind someone going slower than you (but both in the normal position on the road), basically what seems to be happening is that instead of your avatar smoothly overtaking then tucking back in (green), you get right up their backside, the game suddenly notices you’re too close and spits you way out and off to the side (blue). Imagine this behaviour in a group ride where the whole point is for loads of people to be close together at varying speeds, and I can see why it’s pretty nausiating.