Avatar wont move - new Notebook install

The notebook I was using for Zwift was damaged so I user my iPhone for one ride. I then installed Zwift on another Notebook paired Wahoo speed and cadence sensor however the Avatar wont move even though the RPMs are showing. I removed the Zwift app from my phone and turned off bluetooth but no result, the avatar doesnt move. I logged into the old PC and unpaired the wahoo devices and logged out turned bluetooth off. Logged back onto Zwift on the new PC but the result was the same - no movement. Then I uninstalled Zwift and reinstalled, paired back the Wahoo speed and cadence sensor and tried again but no cigar! I have saved the last couple of tests where the RPM worked but not the cadence sensor in case that was useful for a debug. I will get an ANT+ adaptor however the new PC is a work laptop and the USBs have been disabled by IT for security reasons so Im not sure if that will work. Zwift and bluetooth worked OK on my old laptop and on my phone The bluetooth devices are new and the bluetooth settings on the new laptop show they have adequate power so its frustrating that this is not working now. Any help would be much appreciated

If they are paired to the new laptop, then Zwift wont be able to read them. Unpair and forget the devices on the laptop, then try Zwift. Try just pairing the speed sensor first.

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Thank you Mike for your help, I tried that just now. I selected the “Remove Device” option in the PC Bluetooth settings and unpaired / paired devices in Zwift however the problem remains.