Avatar steers toward other riders when there's a clear path ahead

My avatar steers towards other cyclist, even when there’s nothing in front of me. Path is clear, and can remain on the same line, but if there’s someone on the left (going slower) my avatar swings towards them, normally running through them then back to the original (clear) path I was on… WTF!!!
Zwift techs continue to answer the question with answers that have nothing to do with what I’m seeing…

It’s trying to put you in their draft most likely, normal behavior

Avatars won’t just ride parallel with each other, they try and make lines

From what I understand, that is exactly as @Twoshihtzu describes. About the only way to avoid this is to buy a Steerzo and control avatar steering yourself. I wouldn’t expect this visual funkiness is worth the $100+ for the Steerzo, but each person’s experience and what’s important to them is different.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks Joel (and I’m with you, too much for the Steerzo).