Avatar - saddle height

I’ve read many of the Avatar posts in this forum, with a smile on my face, in regard to bottle drinking, standing, sitting, drafting, body size and type, etc. I think my guy looks pretty good, sits, stands, drinks, and gets on the top tube to draft and coast at high speed… Anyway…

Could you please raise my saddle height? In fact, I think all the rider avatars have the saddle way too low to reflect reality… It’s a real rookie mistake to have too low a saddle, like a kid’s bike. The bike frame looks too small. Legs should be almost fully extended. Makes my knees virtually hurt :wink:

But, yeah, I need to get my avatar’s saddle height higher…


Have you ever considered that maybe your avatar just needs shorter legs?


Thanks - That’s what I was thinking - so I changed the aspect ratio of my monitor, stretched my avatar, and it looks fine now. Consider this issue closed. :smile:

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