Avatar refuses to start (only works after restart)

No matter whether ANT+ or Bluetooth, watt values are transmitted and displayed, avatar rises but does not start. I can re-pair the sensors, disable and re-enable Bluetooth, but apart from restarting Zwift, which I have to do EVERY TIME, nothing helps. (Windows 11 Pro, 21H2)

Maybe it’s not allowed, but a video is worth a thousand words: youtube[dot]com/watch?v=dqurGHO3fSs

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Any chance you have a Play and for some reason it’s registering that you have the brakes on?

No, I don’t have a ZwiftPlay controller. However, I wasn’t aware that you could also actively brake with it. Could something else be triggering the brakes?

Weird, it looks like a bug because you have Watts but no movement. Doesn’t seem like a pairing problem. Not sure which trainer you have but even if it’s a Kickr bike, I don’t think the brakes on it do anything other than slow the flywheel.

Kickr Core. That’s right, pairing can’t actually be the problem. Zwift just won’t let me go…

if you go to the default 3rd person view from behind can you see if the braking light is on? That’s about all i can think it could be, why it is happening or what is causing it however, i have no idea.

I have a suspicion: When I start for the first time, Zwift doesn’t recognize that I still have free kilometers because there is no indication until the second start.

I’ll pay attention to that the next time I start, thanks for the tip!

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After I reactivated the subscription today, the problem no longer occurred. For me it is clear that Zwift did not correctly recognize my status (still 25 km available) the first time I started.

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