Avatar moving very slow at the start of Tour de Zwift event

I participated to TdZ’24 with a lot of people the day before yesterday, and I observed the following behavior at the start of the event:

  • my avatar quickly went to the right side of the road even before crossing the start arch (I was doing 150-200w at the time)
  • it rotated 45* to the road as if it was trying to jump off
  • it was barely moving with a lot of people overtaking it - I started from the second row and almost immediately went into position 400
  • there were several other avatars stuck in the same position and barely moving

This seems like a bug in positioning, which only impacts very large events. I observed similar behavior when riding with Miguel or Maria on a busy day with couple hundreds people - if you stick very close to Robopacer, you eventually get washed to the side of the road and need to increase power to stay with the group. It is much easier to go 15m ahead or behind Robopacer where this doesn’t happen.