Avatar doesn't start on AppleTV

Hi, since yesterday I can no longer run my tacx neo2 via AppleTv, Zwift on apple tv shows that the Neo is connected, but my avatar doesn’t start, everything works normally via the iPad

Have you tried force closing everything and powering off the trainer, restarting and try again?

Check if you get power reported via the Tacx app too.

Hi Mike, thx, yes i’ve tried that with no result :confused:

Hi Paul, thx, i will try that :+1:

Hi Steve, thx, via the Tacx App everything works well :crazy_face:
Tomorow i’ll make a new try on the hole thing :sunglasses:thx and merry X-mas to you all

Make sure you’re not logged into the Zwift app on the iPad. If you have multiple devices logged in, it will cause this symptom.

Hi Shuji, thx iPhone, iPad, connected nor neither. I will try to solve the problem later on the evening. :+1:

Hi to all, problem solved, i’ve deleted the App and reinstalled it. Works without Problems :+1::sunglasses::+1:
Thx for your help