Avatar doesnt move at tacx vortex


Im new on Zwift and even if I have connected my tacx vortex trainer my avatar doesnt move. Are u able to solve why ? Also Zwift doesn’t control trainer but it is on their website with information it can control resistance

What device are you using to run Zwift on? You need to make sure you have both Power and Controllable devices paired to that device (in Zwift’s pairing screen).

Hi Steve,

Laptop with Win10 and its connected by Bluetooth

Just guessing, but my own experience when forced to switch back from a Tax Neo to my old Vortex was that the signal range only just worked. Whilst the Neo had been solid to a laptop in front of the bike, the Vortex might connect but would regular lose connection during the ride. In the end I got a 6ft USB cable for my Ant dongle and no issue since.

Yes, that’s Ant, not Bluetooth but the same may apply, the Vortex is an older design and maybe older Bluetooth standard/capabilities.

might want to switch to ANT+ like @Mark_Gallagher uses, many windows 10 users find it more stable than bluetooth.


You may also want to try the tips in this Knowledge Base article

Hi Shuji
I’m having a similar problem with my tacx Vortex : yesterday I was riding the TDZ - Richemond. I was riding fast and everything was fine until the 10 km. When I started climbing a 6% hill, my power went to 0 and my avatar stopped climbing and everyone was passing me. Really frustrating… it is the second time my avatar is having a power failure when climbing a hill at 6%. I read on the Tacx website the Vortex is limited to 7% max incline, could it be the problem? I’m using an IPad to run Zwift with Bluetooth and both Zwift and Tacx app are updated with last version.

I finally bought ant+ and everything now work fine!! Thanks to all :slight_smile:

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