Avatar customization

(Andy Margonis) #1

The only time I can access the customizations screen is before or after a ride - I don’t want to touch my PC when I am soaked with sweat after a ride.  I am logged into Zwift right now and on your site…why can’t I customize my avatar?

(Paul Allen) #2

Please vote up the existing request like yours so Zwift knows what the users want.

(Scott) #3

Hi Andy - there is no way to customize your avatar via zwift.com yet. We agree this would be a neat feature, but it’s still a ways off in development.

If you have an iOS device, you could download Zwift from the App Store, log in and customize there. We’re working on an Android version and will update when we have a timeline for release.

(Matt Eichenfield) #4

Scott B. I have the Zwift app on my iPhone and don’t see any way within the app to do customizations. Could you tell me how to access that menu? Thanks!

(Scott) #5

Hey Matt - select the Menu button on the bottom lefthand side when your avatar is stopped and then tap the Customization icon. You can check out this article for the step by step with screen shots