Avatar constantly stops and restarts pedalling

it seems to be a bug for everyone.

I also experience this. It gave me an uncomfortable feeling because I thought it had something to do with connection stability between my computer and smart trainer.

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Is there an answer to this issue?

Not yet, apparently, but I can confirm that my avatar is affected, too.

Same here

it might be a cosmetical bug but who cares? you see the numbers … :wink:

Same here, keeps un clipping then getting back on. Weird. I saw a bloke reversing backwards into the start pen the other day, even more weird lol.

Similar here but have kinda got used to it now. I dont find it detracts from my enjoyment too much

Me too. I can’t see anyone else in the pen with the same problem…

I watched carefully this morning and others were doing it. Saw in another thread that the bike graphics don’t show pedals, so no surprise we keep falling off them!

I have same problem and would like an answer too. My concern is that there is actually a power interruption while you are riding on the road but that it isn’t enough to show the avatar unclip. If this is the case you could be down a bunch of watts while you are riding and don’t even know it.

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I’m sure it’s purely a minor visual bug and is unrelated to actual power. Why would they put in a visual representation of losing power?

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Same issue but its seemed to stop if I wait to pair HR monitor via companion app until after the start. (Running zwift on apple TV with paired power and cadence)

Same exact experience. It started doing this around September of this year for me. I have been using Zwift since Dec 2018 and have 2500 miles on there. Annoying, a little distracting but hopefully does not affect actual training/racing.

Hi @Sabin_West

The pedalling bug in the pen was fixed in the latest update. Update your software that should fix the issue.

After a few updates recently I have started to experience this issue, often happens around 34 miles but that could mean nothing. Is there a setting that needs changed?

This exactly is happenning to me. Avatar unclips stops for a second. Then mounts the bike again and keeps going. Speed drops to zero but power is still there. I get dropped from the pack and have to keep closing gaps. Happens mostly on climbs. Very anoying. I run Zwift on windows, any fix for this problem?

@Santiago_Martinez_13 @Sean_C_Eng drop a recent log file into zwiftalizer.com it sounds like you are losing signal (bluetooth or ANT+).

How to find your log file: https://support.zwift.com/en_us/locating-log-files-BykKO63fr

@Santiago_Martinez_13, @Sean_C_Eng, this is different to the original issue as it happens after leaving the pen and does effect your speed. However, I also had this problem as well and it turned out to be the microwave interfering with the ANT+ signal. I can reliably reproduce this, but could not find a solution, other than banning microwave use while I’m racing :grin: