Avatar Bumps into Rider in Front and Stalls

When in group rides, if I speed up while in the pack, my avatar bumps into the rider in front of me and I immediately lose speed, although my power has increased.
For example, the other day I was riding near the front of the bunch at 38 km/hr (2 w/kg) and the 2 front riders broke away. I was surrounded by riders, but only one rider was directly in front of me. I accelerated to 3.5 w/kg to try to follow the breakaways, but instead of riding ‘through’ the rider in front, my avatar bumped into the rider in front of me several times and my speed immediately dropped to 36 km/hr for a few seconds before my avatar finally passed the rider in front. Meanwhile the 2 breakaway riders were long gone.

Is this possibly a bug from the new pack dynamics?

I’ve seen some posts that the “sticky draft” has gotten worse with the new pack dynamics… I haven’t experienced it myself yet, but I’m also primarily doing workouts/training plan now not group rides.