Automation beware... Peleton kid

Hi all

Love zwift running, not used much though since hit lvl 21 a year and a half ago, but use now an then… Anyway… Seen this Peleton treadmill issue yesterday?

Peleton automated treadmill…pulls kid under it

https:// / onXNnlCYJ4Y

If devs reading do build in a safety feature so we 100% know its the 18+ aged user on it.

whilst that a nasty video and i hope the child wasnt hurt, i think it says more about the parenting.

A treadmill isnt a toy and shouldnt be on, especially when the kids are unattended. But hey… thats just my opinion on it.


Actually has nothing to do with automation nor Peloton - this risk exists with any treadmill. If you’re going to let unattended children play around one (not a bright idea to start with), pull out the safety pin and hide it away.

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