Automatic picture upload replacing manually added pictures

I have enabled automatic image upload to Strava and it works well but I have noticed that if I manually add a picture to my ride shortly after it’s been created, then when the automatic picture from Zwift comes in it replaces it.

This is not the behavior I would expect and Zwift should add the picture to the existing gallery, not replace what’s been uploaded already.

Yep, same here. Workaround is to wait until Zwift automatic image upload has finished and after that add your own.

This KB article I wrote last week should help:

How do I attach more than one Zwift screenshot to my Strava activity?


When you are riding on Zwift and take a screenshot, it can end up becoming visible in your Strava activity. Taking screenshots is easy, and covered in another KB article:

Depending on your Zwift settings, your application can take its own screenshots, or you can take them yourself. Your screenshots will be saved in your \Pictures\Zwift folder on your machine, whether it be a PC, Mac and in your Camera Roll on your iOS device. These “clean” screenshots will have a _clean postfix in the filename, such as: 2015-04-29_1947440_clean.jpg.

The first screenshot taken by Zwift itself is taken without any “HUD” (Heads-Up Display) panels on the screen, so it will appear clean and bare:

Clean Zwift screenshot without any panels

When you look at your uploaded Strava activity, you’ll see this one, single screenshot there in your event.

But you may want to take more screenshots, or take those perfectly-timed screenshots when you cross the line first in a race event, and include those in your public Strava profile.

There’s a limitation of how this works with Strava, and many have complained they want this expanded to include support for attaching images from a desktop web browser. So far, Strava has been resistant to add this capability.

For now, you can only attach supplemental photos and screenshots to your Strava activity from the Strava app on your mobile device.

To add more screenshots, you’ll need to put them somewhere that your mobile device can get to them, using a tool like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or another tool. Once those images are accessible via your mobile device, load up Strava and select your specific activity.

Once there, you should have a menu option or button to edit your Strava activity. Here’s how it looks on my Android device:

On an iOS device such as an iPad, the “Edit” button is located in the upper-right corner of the screen.

When you choose “Edit activity” the activity, you’ll be presented with a different screen, where you can then tap the [+] button to add additional images. On your mobile device, browse to where your custom screenshots or images are and choose them one at a time.


Selecting one of the existing images your Strava activity will allow you to add a custom image caption, remove or replace that image.

At the bottom, when you select “Save Activity”, those images will then be posted to your profile and saved within your Strava activity.

That’s all there is to it! Now get out there, ride and showcase those amazing screenshots with the rest of the world!

I’ve had a couple of support tickets with Strava on why this happens, since Strava should not allow a 3rd party to remove pictures that are manually added directly on Strava. My support tickets to Strava were #929667 and #939818. There is still no resolution from Strava or Zwift on this issue.

The solution is to either:

  • Disable Zwift’s upload of any photos, except “Only My Photos”, or
  • Disable ALL Zwift photo uploads, and upload them manually, or
  • Wait until Zwift has completed synchronizing the activity to Strava, then modify those photos by adding/removing your own, and selecting a new “default” photo for your activty.

Lots of ways to solve this.

None of these are solutions, all of them are band-aids. Zwift should not be able to modify photos that are uploaded manually to a ride or uploaded from another 3rd party.

Essentially all uploaded photos should have a scope; Instagram auto-upload should be “instagram”, manually uploaded on Strava should be “strava” and Zwift auto-upload should be “zwift”. All 3rd parties should only be able to modify their own scope and be very explicitly unable to modify other scopes.

BTW, I opened the support cases with Strava since I had the Zwift setting “Disable ALL Zwift photo uploads” but even then Zwift was deleting the photos I was uploading manually. It appears that even with the setting disabled then Zwift would still ‘upload 0 photos’ and delete all existing photos in the process.

That has definitely not been my experience at all, and I’ve had mine set to disable Zwift photo uploads for a long, long time. I only, ever, upload my own screenshots from my Zwift Dropbox folder after each ride.

Even when I had Zwift uploading photos, it never overwrote any of my existing photos, nor did it delete any photos. Your experience doesn’t seem to model the behavior I see with a clean Zwift client freshly authorized with Strava.

Have you tried deleting your prefs.xml, de-authorizing Zwift from Strava, and then reconfiguring this all? Also, are you absolutely sure you aren’t using Zwift from multiple devices (laptop and iPhone, iPad and PC, etc.) with the same account, but with slightly different settings (upload set on PC, disabled on iPhone for example).

First thing I would do, is log out of all devices, log out of ZML, de-authorize Strava and Zwift, and re-authorize, making sure your configuration is consistent across all devices.

I should have contacted you first instead of Strava’s support so you could tell me I was just imaging this. :wink:

Can you give me an example of where you’ve uploaded photos to your Zwift activity from Instagram, and Zwift came back in and modified those photos?

Changing the default photo is not modifying the photo, it’s changing the metadata that says “Photo 23 is now default”.

If Zwift uploads photos and removes photos already present and uploaded by another app or service, then I would absolutely consider that to be a bug. If it is replacing photos with its own, stripping previous photos away, that is also a bug.

However, if photos are already present in an activity, and Zwift uploads its own photos to that group, and Zwift is set with the preference of “Always Upload”, then having it define which photo is the “default” photo, is absolutely not a bug. It’s doing exactly what you’ve configured it to do.

From my support tickets with Strava, all of these rides had the photos that I manually uploaded deleted (not de-selected as the default ones, but rather completely deleted) and all of them had to be fixed after the fact:

Ok, if Zwift (or some other snafu process) is coming in and reaping photos, that’s a bug.

But how did you get photos uploaded to your Strava activity before Zwift synchronized the same activity to Strava? Sounds like a really narrow race condition.

In some cases I finished the ride, then took a shower and had something to eat before adding a photo.

In one particular case (based on my comments to Strava’s support) then the ride started at 17:50 and ended at 18:28 but later that evening, sometime after ‏‎21:45 (based on the timestamp of the picture) I added a picture to the ride. The morning after I discovered that the picture was gone.