Automate Event ID's and profile/bike modifications

Many events want you to edit your profile and add a 3-4 character code to help distinguish you during the ride.  Other events try to “normalize” parameters by having you modify your bike characteristics.  When the event ends, you’ve got to go back in an put everything back or change it to another event’s codes.  I rode around for a while as a woman because my thumb hit [Female] when I was changing my name with Mobile Link… Man, was my butt big!!  ;-)

Anyway, why not automate the process?  The system knows in what events you’re registered.  Code each event with it’s own 3-4 character ID and any other necessary characteristics for the person or bike.  When event starts, automatically append the event ID to the rider’s name and make whatever modifications to the rider or bike that the event requires.  If it requires the A-B-C-D classification in the name, add that in the appropriate place too based on FTP or history.  When the event ends, just drop all the temporary mods.  This would significantly simplify the event participation process.

Why not use a tool like EventGhost or AutoHotKey to do this for you?

Should be very simple to set up a 3-4 line script that you can modify that will tap/click/type the right items for you in the right order when you need to join an event or ‘reset’ after an event.

This one has been on my mind as well.

You can of course put these all in but if you have ZZRC / SUB2 / WBR / ZTR (C) then it reduces the font size down and you can’t read it or the preceeding name.

Would be great to just specify (or have specified for you) your current handicap / classification in your profile and have it all appended automatically - we get jerseys assigned now so hopefully not too much to add in.


@ Mike, the system could distinguish classes by color coding the rider listing, which would at least eliminate one of the acronyms.  Running races in a separate instance of zwift would eliminate the need for most of this stuff, just join the one you want, class assigned automatically and color coded, and done.