Auto Incline On Treadmills - Fully Working

Thank you Sir for the detailed info.
Really appreciate it.

  1. Do you mean that I can pretty much use any Bluetooth enabled treadmill, or dummy treadmill, to connect to Zwift and QZ.
    I was planning on running it off my IPhone or do you recommend a tablet or PC.

  2. are you saying QZ will work on a bowflex T22 so auto incline and speed will work?
    I know they are pricey but they seem to be built solid with a higher CHP motor— 4 I believe.
    I know then the screen is not necessary if I’m using a tv. Here lies my concern-debate.

  3. I know Nordictracks are supposed to be good but I didn’t think they were Zwift capable. (I don’t want to buy the footpod or treadmill sensor)


QZ on iphone and zwift on tablet or pc is the perfect combo

As far as i remember yes, you can ask on the group about this particular model

you can use QZ with nordctracks ones!

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To build on @Roberto_Viola answers.

  1. Pretty much any of the BT enabled treadmills work with QZ. If not Roberto will make them work. Generally speaking if they link to another app then they can loo to Zwift as all that happens is a BT signal is sent between the app and treadmill. QZ can read this and send it to Zwift.

  2. If you use an iPhone or tablet for Zwift you’ll need a 2nd device for the app. You can’t run Swift and QZ on the same device. If you want great graphics then get a cheap PC. If not then use your tablet/phone.

  3. Nordictrack 100% work with the app. I use the T10.1

The Bowflex T22 will work. It’s already Zwift compatible so no issue. If you want auto incline use it with the app.
There are cheaper options out there, being a smart treadmill it’ll be more expensive than other dumb options. 4hp is a happy medium between mid range and commercial grade.

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