Auto Incline On Treadmills - Fully Working

Cycle mode

You will need to pair in run mode otherwise Zwift will not be receiving speed data.

Can you get me a link to it? Thank you

Stuart is right :wink:
anyway i can’t post link here, search qdomyos github on google

Hi I’m thinking of buying a Nordic x9i or possibly x22i would this work with either do I have to be with BT I’m with sky internet sorry I’m new to this I found it bizarre that treadmills don’t incline etc with zwift seems pointless using zwift without a auto feature I have a bike for zwift and love it but now thinking of a treadmill. :blush:

Both those treadmills use BT (Bluetooth) to talk to Ifit so yes the app will work. Might need to liaise with Roberto to tweak it for your particular model but he’s great at that.

With reference to BT that is not relating to your internet provider so yes Sky is fine. It’s actually irrelevant to the way the app works.

If you have anymore questions feel free or send me a private message.

Thank you :blush: lol I thought BT meant internet lol :joy: told you I’m new to this and I’m pretty good with phones electronics etc thanks Stuart

Will work with technogym excite run 700 trendmill?

I’m not sure, i cannot see anywhere where it links to a 3rd party device via BT. Looks to be integrated into the built in display.
If that’s the case then no.

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send me a nrfconnect Screenshot and I will tell you

What is nrfconnect screenshot?

Install the nrfconnect app and run it. Turn your treadmill on and adjust the speed and incline.

Nrfconnect will generate a log file. Post a screenshot of this or open a gifthub ticket and send it to Roberto via that.

Will it work on a Precor TRM 631 with a GEM Retro hooked up for BLE?

hi , in order to be sure send me a nrfconnect screenshot about your device by email or github and i will tell you for sure
Let me know

My wife wants to buy a treadmill and in order to motivate me in running on it as well we would love to pair it with Zwift. To get the most out of it, it would be great to have it running with the Auto-Incline app discussed in this thread.

I was looking for the Bowflex BXT25 or 56, which are compatible with Zwift, but unfortunately block Auto-Incline as I read elsewhere. So I am looking again.

The desired features are:

  • works with Auto-Incline app
  • direct pairing to Zwift via BT or Ant+
  • foldable
  • available in Europe
  • good quality but, should not be more than above Bowflex devices (so not much more than 3.000 EUR)
  • “downhill incline” would be nice, but not mandatory

I have seen the Nordictrack x9i for instance, but this one is not foldable.

Thank you for any input,

domyos intense run it’s the perfect choice!

Thank you very much. It is even low priced. Perfect! Thanks for the suggestion!

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To me the ideal way around this would be to intercept the two wire loom wiring. I have pre-set numbers but also have buttons to increase and decrease the incline. When I set up the treadmill I had to plug in these wires. Just a case of plugging something in between them and for that to receive the incline settings and send signals that simulate up or down pressing. Little bluetooth module receiving data, converting and sending pulses to simulate pressing.

My electronic engineering days are behind me…so this will remain just an idea! I’ll just stick to pressing the buttons for now. As most treadmills don’t have negative inclines and few that do, the best I’ve seen is -6 %, nothing is going to simulate the Zwift world perfectly. I do adjust speed, I can also adjust incline for now…

I haven’t tried Alpe du Zwift yet on the Treadmill, but it averages +8.5% so I will set that at bottom and forget about incline and any other varying ramps. Not a total simulation but would feel good I’ve done the climb and not cheated it. As for coming down, even the best Treadmills you are going to have to place some books under the back :wink:

Note: Please don’t use books or anything else to alter your treadmill incline, it’s not a good idea, contact you treadmill manufacture if tempted and seek their approval!!)

There is already a version of qz that use gpios to command the treadmill! It’s what you’re looking for!
Please come to the github page of qdomyos-zwift and you will see it (i’m not allowed to link it here)
Have a great day!

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Not sure it is, unless its hard wired in… There are treadmills that don’t allow commands via bluetooth, thus the “device” would be hard wired into your treadmill. So as long as you have hardware controls that allow increase and decrease of incline. Basically one solution for all, only issue/configuration would be what each pulse for each treadmill gives… e.g +1 degree…+0.5 degree per press/pulse?

Take the Bowflex56, commands are locked out, so you would require a hardware solution, I’m sure there are others that are locked out.

Have a great day too, cheers