Auto Incline On Treadmills - Fully Working

Yeah sorry too, I’m very under pressure these days, I’m passing 12 hours every day to answer to questions about QZ . So I feel a little in the corner right now.

But of course my intention is to create the best experience for you

Here to help in anyway I can. Stay sane brother, we need you!

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Below is a link to my YouTube video demonstrating Zwift control of the Auto-Inclination feature on a Technogym Myrun treadmill using Roberto’s QZ app. The app is running on IOS (iPad IOS 15.2) and Zwift is running separately on a PC (Win11).

QZ Zwift on IOS Controlling Myrun

A huge thanks to Roberto!

I made a writeup on “how to connect” in case anybody wants to read it:

https ://!An3xkqoDsGqcp8Z0xYOxR-Rdak3UvA?e=o4Get4

(I am not allowed to add a link it seems, so you have to reconstruct it…)

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Well done Stig. This article would be a nice complement to the GitHub wiki. The link below will take you to a landing page that will allow you to open a new page and imbed your article.

Technogym Myrun How-To

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Hi Roberto
I’m guessing you’re very busy.
Just a quick question, does your app work with the NoblePro i8 treadmill? It already easily connects with Zwift, but no auto gradient adjustment.

hi, does your treadmill can change the incline from the app of its company? please write me at roberto.viola83 at

Hello @Roberto,

I have an Xterra TRX4500 which supposedly uses Bluetooth FTMS 4.0. I believe this protocol allows for control of treadmills over bluetooth. Is there a way for me to check and see if this treadmill will work with your application? Any testing and/or data that you require I will be happy to collect.


Hi Jeff, open a ticket on the github page of QZ adding a nrfconnect screenshot of your treadmill. Thanks

@Roberto_Viola Does Zwift need to be run on Windows for this app to work? I usually use my Apple TV for Zwift.

No you can run everywhere but it has on a different device from the qz app

What Roberto means is that you cannot run the QZ app on the same device you run Zwift on. You’ll need to run it on a phone or tablet if you are using ATV.

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Hi Roberto, I was one of the first users of your app when you got your Intense Run treadmill and I’ve been using it since (its got a lot more features since!) still no cadence calc from phone movement thou :wink:

Anyway…for me the incline isn’t working on my Intense Run, with a ATV and QZ running on a iPhone - is that still the case.

Hi Richard I remember you! How are you!?
No i didn’t have the time yet to do that feature. But with an apple watch i did this feature if you want to try.
The auto incline doesn’t work? Did you check my video on youtube?

Hello Roberto. Do your app support Sole F63. It has a Bluetooth connection.

Yes it does!

Just checked video, installed app. Connecting qz app on my iPhone to sole f63 and running Zwift on iPad. Creating meeting. Connecting to bicycle. Start my meeting. Incline tile on qz blinking, but my avatar not walking.

Are you pairing it in run or cycle mode?

open a github ticket on the qz project. I will help you in this (it will be easier than here :slight_smile: )