Auto 'flier flagging' needs to have some sort of warning or explanation

(Don onK MRC) #1

Hi Zwift,

Flier flagging a rider with no advance warning or justification (on screen) and then locking them down so they cannot ride is total crap. It ruins the Zwift experience and wastes time and energy.  I realize the flier flagging system is still a work in progress, so I’d like to request the following ‘enhancements’:

  1. Add a warning with justification to the onscreen messaging and allow the rider to adjust within 1-2 minutes.

  2. Post flier limit thresholds some place so Zwifters know what to watch out for.

  3. Account for sensor drops (realize they are a fact of life for many Zwifters).  They can cause lag and then lead to rapid (unnatural) riding to ‘catch up’ with all the data that is flowing to your server as a result of the sensor coming back online.  Here suggestion #1 would help too.

 Simply flagging someone with no information and not allowing them to fix the issue and re-log in or to reset their sensor setup is not helpful.   

(David Gibbs (Red Rider)) #2

I’ve never experienced this, but I’m not a fan of penalization without explanation.

(Tim Camden WBR (C)) #3

Let the auto flags fly. If your zipping along at 6+ W/KG passing everyone and you don’t notice that something may be amiss, then you deserve to get flagged. If its an set up, that gives you the opportunity to figure out where you went astray.

I understand riders can expend more effort to catch up but you can’t hold that output very long.

I doubt legitimate efforts are getting flagged.


(Don onK MRC) #4


I am annoyed by people doing 10 w/kg for laps at a time too.  I agree with most of what you are saying, but here is the issue – I was not traveling at some insane speed or putting out some insane w/kg over any extended period of time.  Further, I have been using the exact same setup for 2 months and have never had any issues.  This issue happened to me for the first time ever today (following the 1/11 patch).

Imagine you’re on your normal weekly group ride and you get flagged going up a hill.  The flag sticks you for 1 hour regardless of the situation.   There is no warning, no message about why and no evidence in your log files.  You are effectively unable to ride with your group, the time you have set aside to ride is wasted, and your time for working out is essentially lost.  It’s a really helpless feeling and it would be great to be able to avoid it and/or correct whatever is broken.  Without a warning or explanation of how/when/where you are left to guess and hope.  Regardless of what you find on your own, you are locked down for 1 hour.  

There are more effective ways to limit riders performance and if it isn’t a race event why does it matter?  The website shows most (if not all) problems in the results of every event.   There should be no auto-rider flagging unless it could affect someone else in a meaningful way.  Though it’s annoying, at the end of the day I don’t really care if people go by me at 70 mph.  They are only cheating themselves and will show they are way out of their norm or outside human capability and make it easy to exclude them from final race results.   If there are drafting issues, then an auto-draft decrease feature should be added to ‘out of norm’ riders.

This other foolishness of worrying about what others are doing on solo rides or fun ride events is really not worth anyones emotional energy.

(Tyler Shannon) #5

Hi Don, 


Our flier alerts are constantly getting dialed in, but we don’t really see them being applied inappropriately. Of the two years and several hundred flier alerts I’ve helped troubleshoot, I think I’ve only seen two incorrect flier alerts, and both were due to a bug in the system. We account for very strong riders when auto flagging, and even the member flagging option is not one and done.

Our flier alert is not going away, but if you think you were flagged incorrectly, we are more than happy to help. 

(Don onK MRC) #6

Thanks Tyler. I have opened a ticket (about a week or so back). I have not heard anything as yet. I agree it may be a bug introduced recently (I provided details in the ticket). The key may be that I have power sensors on both my cranks and on my trainer.  I’d turned on Zwift mobile and my phone had already turned on Bluetooth.  Looking at the Zwift log files it appears that Zwift mobile paired with my cranks and then sent power data in addition to the Ant+ data my trainer was sending to my laptop.  Seems unlikely, but that is the only correlation I am able to draw with the issue.  If you look at the overall ride power outputs I never log over 3.5 w/kg, so I can’t help but think something odd must have happened. 

(Kemp Carter) #7

My account just got flagged because I calibrated my trainer. Got on my bike turned the pedals a few times and did 2000 watts. Not sure what that is about. Recalibrated several times and now I think it’s good. Can I get my account unflagged?

(. Bath Salts (84Kg) (EV) C) #8

it will take 60 min(from the time of flagging),  you be back to your old self in game. what you don’t like being 300Kg?

(Kemp Carter) #9

I’m not sure why my trainer went crazy from calibrating it.

(Sean KerrySWNC) #10

I was hit with this last night very frustrating and ruined a ride I had been looking forward to all day. I wonder if it is common to one particular trainer I noticed last night another rider having issues with his Wahoo Kickr as well.

I checked all my metrics on Strava which all seemed within normal parameters, software is all up to date and completed 3 spin downs to re calibrate to try and re join my friends on the ride.

I was not aware that the flier alert lasts for an hour ! Perhaps this ought to be on the pop up warning. It would alleviated a lot of my frustration and anger last night.

I ditched Garmin last year because of its glitches, I hope Zwift does not end in the bin as well, as so far it has been enjoyable. 

(Don onK MRC) #11

Hi Sean,

From what I was told it only effects specific sections of some courses.  Typically it will be hills, but i suppose their check points could be any place.  The issue is more often than not a problem with trainer calibration or setup.

The Zwift customer service person I corresponded with in another ticket indicated they may move to a progressive warning system ( 1m, 5m, 15m, 1hr, etc) on successive violations vs. dropping the hammer for 1 hr on the first detected issue. 

Hopefully they do make some small adjustments so as not to disproportionately punish an infrequent or first time offense.


(Tracy Clark) #12

got flagged today - not sure why, was sitting mid pack in a quiet section doing no more than 2.8-3.2 watts/kg. When i look at my ride in strava have no more than max of 270 watts listed but thats not even when i got flagged.  Now have to wait for the flag to go away.  Ruined the group ride i was in.

(Tracy Clark) #13