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Hi there, firstly love zwift its amazing :slight_smile:

Requirement/ user story. " i want to be competitive in the category i am assigned to, as it maximises my enjoyment of zwift"

  1. normal B cat, generally i can stick with the group until the end, but dont have a lot of energy left for a sprint ( this is fine :slight_smile: )
  2. future works anti sandbagging, I am generally competitive in these, top 10 at worst top 5 is good
  3. auto cat( assigned B) , i came 96th in a recent chase rase, dropped after 15 mins, this wasn’t fun and quite demoralising, even on a bad day i should on a flat course of been able to hang on for at least 20-30 mins ( ftp 330watts 89kg)

in short, auto cat doesnt seem right for me, nor the other 80 riders that finished either with me or behind me

hope this is helpful

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I did also attend one of the AutoCat Chase races (Zwift Power -Login), and noted a few things:

The B category for the first CET race was quite big, but there were 0 racers in E cat. I do also think that the B cat had a too wide spread of abilities. It would be nice if they could have used all A-E cats to make the B cat smaller on both ends.

There was also a guy 115kg putting out huge watts at the front. He was doing constant intervals, moving up to the front and off the front, staying there, sliding back, and repeating. I see that he is filtered from the result with a 20min badge in ZP. I think he increased the pace unnaturally for the group.

I did a DNF when there was no air left (struggling with a cold and asthma) with about 10k left. I averaged about FTP for the whole race, so for me, this was on my limit. I would probably have been able to hang longer without the health problems.


(Replying as James, not Zwift)

I know you can match me on the flat and the one Chase Race I entered we had an enormous group at the front and category seemed to be well “matched”.

I normally struggle to hang on at the front of B races (as you both know!!). But was able to just hang on at the pointy bits of that race.

The empty E is intentional when there aren’t enough really top end racers.


By looking at the results list, I see that of 153 finishers, there are about 50 in the front group. Then some smaller group of 10-20 races after that. There is about 6 min down to 141 and then some that just rolled in.

This is a flat course, so pure watts is king here. 20 min W/kg is probably around 4 down to place 80 or 90, and avg watts is around 300+ down to place about 75. That is pretty hard to for a ±50 min B cat in an A-D category race. I’m not sure if I can agree that it is well balanced either.

Why is E used only for the few elite racers? It would have been more useful if the A-D could be distributed to A-E.

@JamesBailey It could be just me that is sick and out of shape and spends my time whining in forums when I get dropped :wink:

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