Auto cat. Exemption

I’m recovering from the flu and bronchitis but auto cat. has me locked down to A races. Can I submit a formal petition to receive an exemption until I’m cleared of this illness? Thanks!

Curious why you need to race while having the flu and bronchitis, wouldn’t it be better to rest and take it easy?


Or not race and just do some recovery rides until you’re illness free.

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Just want to ride with other people, being home sucks, having to withdraw from IRL races, is lonely enough. It’s a lot more enjoyable when I could at least pick an event at will and have some company for my misery.

lots of events out there plus all the pace partners to choose from, you don’t NEED to race.

Better to not have a mechanism to drop down a cat in CE races, as you know it will be exploited and cheaters gunna cheat!


You’re right. I don’t need to “race”. To be honest I didn’t think about the pace partners. I just went to the events and everything starting shortly was all locked down with auto cat. Thanks.


pace partners for the win!

If you search in the companion app, you can filter for group rides (exclude races). You should find many options at all times. You can even late join many of them.

spin + sprint events and open watt segment group rides are good and productive competitive training. dirt sprintapalooza, team en hang on, TBR kettle and boil, trek’s saturday night shop ride, and jett usually takes the fence off for sprints and KOMs in the B category rides, that sort of stuff. they are just some of the ones i know about and there are surely more