Auto Braking on Trainer Connection Drop

If you suffer from a connection drop whilst Zwifting, the avatar appears to apply the brakes (something which is otherwise impossible as far as I know). Instead of applying the brakes - which can particularly irritating during races and training events as this braking always causes you to be dropped - I believe a better approach would be to allow you to coast and continue to benefit from drafting. This coasting would continue until either the connection restores or you coast naturally to a standstill. This change would mean that you don’t get dropped and when the connection comes back (it is typically only momentary), your race / ride won’t have been ruined by a momentary loss in connection. I cannot personally see how anyone would gain a competitive advantage through allowing the avatar to coast and still remain in the draft, but if this is deemed unfair for racing, perhaps racing could be left as is (with braking applied) and in all other game modes you could be allowed to coast. This would certainly improve my experience

Hi @Ben_Brown

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I would suggest finding the reason why you are getting so many dropouts.

Dropouts is not normal, maybe 1 or 2 a year.

Drop your log file in

@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ Thank you I will give that a try

@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ I have done as you suggest and can see that there are 2 disconnects. However I can only see a chart and nothing that interprets the disconnects or tells me why. I cannot see any documentation on the site as to how to interpret it further. Do you have any guidance you can share with me please? Happy to take this into a private chat (if that is possible on these forums - not sure as I am new). Really appreciate your support so far