Auto-Assign Race Categories

Sorted now.


Thank you.

I’ve never raced like this and already know one individual who’s twice as strong as I am but racing E. Bad ethics at minimal. With that said, I love trying to keep up with anyone ahead of me under any circumstance. That’s my motivation. I never used any of the featherweight or ride helps either. I want my FTP to rise to whatever level I can get it to rise to.
My day’s on the podium are far past!

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I’ve now conditioned myself to ignoring non-ZP racers and out-of-Cat racers and just race those around me, like you Jeff. My FTP seems to be stuck where it is so have to use smarts to beat the opposition. Still get the occasionally podium but care more about getting a good ride in and hitting my limits

Other thing I have focused on in past 3-4 months is Zwiftpower ranking. I use it to determine which races to enter and then use to determine which fellow racers I need to keep an eye on. Never realised how much energy I waist on sandbaggers, but dont anymore.

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Thanks, Dean! Great feedback for me!

The solution my friend is simple:

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Racing for me inside Zwift is done. It’s far from beeing real und even if it would be close to reality (physics and so on…) the ranking system is based on a 5 year old mind. It’s based on a beta but nowadays should be far more fair to everyone.

Yesterday was this first day of WTRL ZRL ( Zwift Racing League) and it was the most realistic fun racing I had on Zwift since the CVR WorldCup.

What made this so much fun was the fact tat 99% of all racers was in the correct category and we could only see people racing in our category.

This is how all races in Zwift should be, there need to be a system to put people in the correct starting pen for all races. We don’t need green cones. Just a filter when you pick a race.


and next to it you need to disable the slingshot mechanism to make it a f*cking race hard and tough and not a sucker game

This feature is LONG overdue. During the past 7 days, I saw two riders with a designated PRO-tag racing in the B-cat (and trying to win it)… :roll_eyes:

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When someone is a class A racer and enters a C race, they should be highlighted as being in the wrong class. Ideally with a big cheater tag on their shirt.

I end up chasing the rabbit and they ride at 4.0 the entire race and i blow up. You need to highlight the lead pack that is actually in C


Wow, this was raised over two years ago and nothing has been done. Amazing!


I still think one of the easiest solutions Zwift could implement would be to put a ZP icon next to those racers who are registered on ZwiftPower. It will let you know if you are racing someone who cares about the integrity of the results or if they just want to mess about doing 4w/kg in D cat.


Well, you are a “high” C with >3 W/kg.
I have 2.61 average, old fart - trying to finish out of the last 1/3…
But to be honest - I won a D race before upgrade to C, so it is not all bad. I find it better in smaller events.

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ZHQ FEATURE WORKS RACE - ANTI sandbagging? :joy:

New ORG like WTRL website
member are whom alrdy voted for this topic, no corss the line in the pass races.
New result list kick out zwiftpower.
Setup races just 4 those members in same categories –
Race result DQ those not members, avg w/kg improper

ORG name: Categories Hammer Gang CHG

So what’s the latest on this then? The silence is deafening from Zwift.


Maybe Zwift could implement “Auto-Assigned Race Categories” for some races. Put it under the FutureWorks banner and try it out.


Again, better than nothing.

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