August 2021 TVos app not recognizing hills even in course profile

Pic says it all. Everyone else is on the hill, I’m at sea level. Climbing 15% grade in the big ring.


Hi @Carlos_Cabalu

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That is just the map in London that has a bug, everyone see there rider below the profile. See this:

What trainer do you use?

Thanks for the quick reply!

That’s encouraging. It’s just a coincidence then… that my trainer isn’t receiving/responding to resistance data. It’s a Neo 2 and it’s acted “dumb” before.

I’ll see if some power cycles will help.

It just looked like I’m stuck on sea level in the app. Which is really disconcerting because I just ordered the Kickr bike. It would be a bit of a downer to ride it at sea level.

Thanks again!

Can I ask you a quick question OT?

Have you heard of instances of the app crashing once a rider completes (closes) the loop on top of the Alpe?

I consistently crash it before the descent. Right when I track crosses itself.

I tried a quick search but couldn’t get the search terms right.

Thanks again!

Like this @Carlos_Cabalu

Exactly that! I’d give you a Ride On if I could. Appreciate the help.

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I don’t think this is just related to the map. Several other threads indicate the Neo series of trainer is not working in ERG since recent updates were applied. Are you all aware of this?

I was referring to the route profile in London it has no impact on trainer resistance it is unrelated.

A known bug apparently - LOL

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Understood. Thanks for the reply.

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