Audio problems on Apple MacBook Air M2

A short a while after Zwift starts, sometimes even on the activity selection screen, it makes strange sounds instead of normal sounds environment sounds or the sound of the bike.

I made a short Video with the sound artefacts. Video

The sound artefacts are definitive from zwift as not other application is running and the immediately disappear when Zwift is closed.

Zwift-Version: 1.55
MacOS-Version: 14.2
CPU: AppleSilicon M2 / 24 GB

might just be a corrupt file, try reinstalling Zwift to see if that clears it up.

No, I reinstalled Zwift a few times (deleted the Zwift-Folder in /Library/Application Support”) but that did not fix the problem.
Also it does not seem to be a single audio-file but more in the audio-system as it appears in the menu and in the game where sounds are different.

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I Have the same problem, have u been able to fix yours?