[ATV] time measurement issue (free rides/races/group rides)

This is an issue, which persists since over a year, that’s when I noticed it for the first time.

If you e.g. ride a track with timekeeping, there will be regulary a deviation between the time shown at the finish line and the time shown in your personal list of best times afterwards.
Here is an example of the Leith Hill track, unfortunately i was too slow to take a picture of the time at the finish line, the time, which was shown there was: 11:59.7

As you can see in the blurred picture, the time in the personal list of best times is diffenent, not much but it does not match.
For me personal, it is not a big deal, but it can become a big issue if we think about a race (there it happens too!), in such a case maybe money is involved, so it should be fixed as soon as possible. I would assume that the time determination was programmed improperly.

Let me give a non Zwift examples: When you make a $10 online bank transfer, you don’t want $9.98 to reach the recipient. The programming of the banking app has to take care that those faults never can happen.