ATV crash after exiting the garage. Resumed workout OK but no route badge

Did Mountain 8. Switched to TT/aero wheels and cool Bell helmet at the top of the radio tower to try and get the the 100kph badge on the way down. Had the shell power-up as well. Sweet!

Hit 110kph on the way down so all good, so far. At bottom switched back to Canyon etc. for rest of ride. After exiting garage back to ride, app crashed out. Got back into app, resumed ride OK, but had that sinking feeling that route badge would not be given. Which it wasn’t. I guess speed kills, after all!

It’s not a huge deal, but this no-route-badge-after-restart thing has been hanging out for a while and is a pretty negative UX when it happens. Especially for us big guys who don’t take climbing routes, um, “lightly.” :wink: