Attack of the Clones (or Zwones)

I had something odd happen today, a minor glitch maybe, more humorous than serious.

I use Apple TV now for Zwift and I’ve read many posts how on that platform and others sometimes you lose all other riders on the screen.  It happened suddenly, I was alone on the epic KOM, and the elevation profile was missing.  I realized that it’s most likely due to my network going down or pausing.  (There are other posts addressing this, if you lose internet, Zwift still works, but you are suddenly alone in a foreign land)

The useful tip I wanted to share is that if this happens to you, don’t panic.  Do not close the app.  Keep it open.  Troubleshoot the network, in my case my wireless network was down, so I fixed that.  Once the network was back up and functional, other riders appeared.  So this is when it gets weird…

For about 5 minutes, every rider near me didn’t have a name, a flag, and they all rode the same bike, with a bald head and wearing the same kit.  When I noticed it at first, I thought I had stumbled onto a twins only ride.  But then, everyone looked the same.  All bald, all wearing the black Zwift kit.  I was getting attacked by clones.  Going up the mountain and coming down.  And they all had their back pockets stuffed with “ride ons”.  Slowly, the “zwones” diminished, and riders with names and flags began to appear.  I was out of the zwilight zone.  Thankfully because the zwones were really freaking me out.  I sadly didn’t have The Cult of Personality on my playlist, otherwise it would have fit the situation.  I swear a few of the zwones turned around as they passed me with maniacal faces and asking me to join them on a ride.