Atom, apple TV and gearing - seems off


Just trying to figure out what’s going on with my set-up and gearing.

When riding I feel gear changes, i.e. if I change up it’s harder to spin, change down I spin faster. It feels harder to go up hills and I come down faster but …

But the gearing seems to just settle down, and I end up riding in around 16-22 (out of 22). I’m doing a lot of climbing portal at 100% and standing up I’m in 22, sat down I’m in 16-20. And this is going up 10-15%. I had the trainer difficulty on 50% (default) but I’ve tried moving it (including 100%) and it doesn’t have any discernable effect.

I think I’m putting the watts in and things look OK from that POV but it seems like it’s just adapting the gearing as I’m going along.

Previously when going up a steep hill, I’d have to drop all the way down to 1-2.

I’ve just tried a fulgaz ride and I had to use all gears to get round, dropping to 1-2 on the steep bits.