Assisted Pedaling Rocket Launching

Not sure this is the first time or many people have seen this before but I joined a pace partner with no sensors connected and I took a wrong turn (I don’t think I chose to change direction but I might have while using the 360 camera) and got launched along the road at between 90 and 105km/h till the countdown ended. When I deleted the ride it appeared as a teleport line during the countdown duration.

*Edit: I managed to replicate this bug, when you change direction while still in assisted pedaling it launches you at ~100km/h

Was able to test this a couple of times after a ride tonight. I was only able to get up to about 55km/h but I was trying to join the 1.1w/kg pace partner in Makuri Islands (I wonder if the speed you can get is affected by the pace partner you select). You can deliberately select an alternate turn if one is coming up.

The high speed lasts as long as the pedal assist does. Usually. I did get a route no longer exists message (or words to that effect) on the first try.

I think the program is just trying to catch you up to the pace partner but because you are going in the opposite direction you won’t catch up again. It only lasts as long as the pedal assist and you don’t get any distance credit while in pedal assist so I don’t think it’s a game breaking bug. Although you might be able to get the 100km/h badge if you pick a downhill turnoff.