Assigned bike giving false power data

On Monday, March 21 I participated in ToW Stage 4, Dirt Drippin. I checked in ahead of time to get a good position in the pen, was assigned a bike, and then exited the pen to warm up with C. Cadence.

Whilst warming up I noticed that I was still on my ToW assigned bike, and my power numbers were very unusually high, about 30-50% higher than what I know my power to be. I was going quite fast.

I checked back into the pen and started the ride. Again, my power numbers were markedly high and I had no problem staying with the A and A+ riders. During the ride I chatted about my “magical” assigned bike but no one else reported anything similar.

Not wanting to screw up the results of the ride, or my Zwift Power ranking, I decided to trash the ride once I finished. It does not appear in my Activities on the companion app.

However, the ride is on Zwift Power and has caused me to be bumped from B category to A. Races with category enforcement will not allow me to join the B category. I am also concerned that this will affect my ZRL ranking.

I ride a Stages SB20 that has 3 power meters and is extremely reliable. I always do a zero reset before I ride. Before I checked in for the ToW ride I actually did a partial race in Crit City and my power was accurate.

Can anyone tell me what happened with my assigned bike? Can I get this anomaly deleted from Zwift Power?

Wow, interesting! Looking at your ZP events, the performance certainly stands out! I can only speculate that the problem is related to the new dirt that was used to help gravel bikes go faster but how it flowed through like that is odd and I havent seen anyone else here mention that. You could raise a support ticket and get logs off to Zwift to pursue this issue (or one of the Support gurus in the forums can assist).

As to getting your result nullified, flick an email to and they should be able to sort the ZP and Cat Enforcement data for you.

Hi @Mark_Baker5

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Seems like one where we may need to take a closer look at your log files and get Zwift tech support involved. You can reach us here.

Note: Please don’t email because you’ll likely just get a “no reply” type of email and we won’t get it. I’d suggest you visit the aforementioned contact us page and go through that channel to reach support.

On the ZwiftPower side, you could go the route of sending ZwiftPower support an email or maybe @James_Zwift can help? He’s our ZwiftPower guru.

We can remove (or rather error) the event in Zwiftpower to prevent it from having a bearing on your category and therefore ZRL.

At this stage because Category Enforcement (note this is NOT used in ZRL) looks at all activities, we cannot merely delete the activity from having taken place. This is an area in category enforcement that we are looking into, because, others, like you, occasionally have strange power readings that aren’t an accurate reflection of your ability.

Thanks Dean. I don’t think it was the gravel because the bike was flying in Fuego Flats also when I was warming up. I can’t say the experience was entirely unpleasant.

I’ll contact Zwift Power andPreformatted text see what they can do.

Thanks James that would be great.

Thanks James I see the error designation. However, in spite of that I am unable to join cat B races that have category enforcement. Any way that could be fixed?

Currently no I’m afraid. But it’s something we’re actively working on to allow for scenarios like yours.

Hi again James. It has now been over 60 days since my outlier ride, but I am still being categorized as an A. I am still unable to join B category races that have the CE feature. If you look at my races/rides I think it’s obvious I’m not an A. Can anything be done to reopen B races for me?

I’d say it was the 4.2race avg for the Crit race on 13th May that has kept you in A.

That was a particularly good result, but if my category is based on 60 days’ worth of results, or even the top three in the last 60 days, why am I classified as an A? My profile says my highest 20 min. wkg is 4.81 but that clearly isn’t correct, nor is the 366 watts for 20 min. shown in my profile. My classification is patently incorrect, and it is starting to make Zwift not much fun for me.

Far easier having a read of the first post in this thread (below) than reading my bad interpretation of it. Make sure you read the PDF refenced as well.

In short your best one result in the last 60 days will be used.

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