Are Bluetooth signal bars shown when pairing to Kickr18?

Hi there,

I’ve been experiencing disconnects and total loss of ANT+ connections to my trainer during the last weeks. My HRM stays connected just fine, so I assume it’s the ANT FE-C connection that suffers. Already tried different USB port and used another shielded cable, but no change.

Yesterday evening I’ve tried to connect the Kickr18 via Bluetooth and it worked, however, there’s no Bluetooth signal bars shown in the Pairing screen, just a big Bluetooth symbol beside it. The Stryd of my wife did show signal bars on the other side.

Does the Kickr even report signal strongness and indicators? Can someone maybe post a screenshot of his pairing screen? I tried to move my laptop and change the angle of the antennas, but that didn’t change anything.

Thank you in advance,

No other Zwifter here who owns a Kickr18 and can take a quick screen shot of the pairing page?

Would really appreciate it.