April Fools Wheels?

This year’s April Fools?

I just posted about flames out the back and didn’t even realise it was April 1st …

Wonder what else they’ve done.

What’s the recipe to minecraft those wheels. One block of rubber and two blocks of wood?

the blocky wheels are left over from last year’s april fools gag (paper boy bikes). you need to update your game, @Mark_Osterkamp

Even the runners are leaving fire trails.


I was wondering why some people got the wheels, I can’t think someone can have a game that out of date.

My game was definitely up to date (in fact I had to update it last night before starting) and I certainly saw at least two riders with blocky wheels.

I think when they did the Paperboy bikes last year, you had to be on a certain type of bike/wheels combo to have it trigger - it might have been whatever the stock bike you get at level 1 was. Maybe those riders were still riding the initial bike?

are you on android? i noticed on my android it was still using last year’s paperboy wheels. android being in beta, they probably didn’t bother with updating the assets or something.

anyway, i was told by support that the paperboy wheels were left over from last year and that seeing them in game meant the game wasn’t up to date. i didn’t ask about my android though, as it was late in the day when i noticed (i usually use my pc) and i didn’t really care enough to reach back out to support.

iPhone that was up to date. Go figure.