April Fools Day Request

From the various Zwift discussion groups, it’s obvious that Zwifters want to know more about the trainer difficulty setting. One way to expose the masses to how the setting works is to adjust the setting to a random value at a regular interval, like every km or mile, and then display the new value on screen. Maybe rollout the feature for a single day, like April 1? Or, increase the frequency to every hairpin turn when climbing AdZ?

Seriously though, maybe a new 20 minute workout that increases the trainer difficulty setting by 20% every four minutes would be a practical way for Zwifters to experience and compare different trainer difficulty values.

Thanks for all you do, and I can’t wait to see what you do have in store for us on April 1. The paper delivery bike that included Scotty target practice was my favorite so far.


It’s going to be a ride with steering trying to avoid airborn virus CO19.

The best way to stay fast is to stay healthy!