application crashed during saving

(Claude Finance (RV Ersigen)) #1

Hi, I just finished the FPT ride. At the end, I clicked on “save” and then on “update my ftp”.

After a few seconds, the application crashed. What might be the reason?

in my profile, I do not find the new FTP. Is this because I am still in the trial period? Or did the application crash before the FTP has been saved?

(. TomH..) #2

Hi Claude, 

This it well know issue and we are working on it, if your FTP value did not save you can change it manually in Users Profile - When you pause Zwift click on following icon which will bring you to your Profile details.

Accept our apology and RideOn! :slight_smile:

(Lindsay Ruppert) #3

Hi Claude,

When you finish a ride and you see the improved FTP box appear, you MUST make a selection in that box before you end your ride. If you click the Save button first, the game automatically starts it’s exit procedure and any further changes will not have time to save before the game saves your existing profile information to the database.

Hope this helped.