AppleWatch HRate Refusing General Bluetooth Sync Mac Desktop App

RE: AppleWatch HR Refusing To Sync Mac Desktop App

It seems Apple may be playing funny business with the AppleWatch HR connections via Bluetooth: “HR sync via straight Bluetooth” by refusing straight Bluetooth connections … forcing iPhone app only solutions.

The alternative of trying to hack a feature which is supposed to be part of the watch seems to be breaching fair play standards.

Forcing users to go with Apple’s health app OVER zwift OR Garmin seems to be at the heart of this behaviour.

I will post and ask Apple on their website, but the lobbying really needs to be done by Garmin, Wahoo, Zwift and other 3rd party groups.

Letting users make their OWN decisions as to sharing HR or fitness tracking data should be entirely based on the the users decisions … not forcing one path.

One reason is clear disparities on measurements of calories based on steps seems to be exaggerated in the Apple world … at least it HAS been in the past.

Zwift and Garmin and others should realise HR data is also a privacy decision and assuming Apple should be included needs to be checked.

Health and Fitness are two different approaches; Apple is for the general public.

Whether they’re conscious of cutting off 3rd parties or not, it’s not the right behaviour given the cost of the AppleWatch.

Maybe this isn’t correct, but syncing is not being made easy. HBGC.

Will post equivalent on Apple asap … and update if I find this is incorrect. Yes, an update could change everything … but not if it’s being done by Apple deliberately. Will confirm asap. Syncing with Desktop App via Dongle is the question here.

Okay, I’ve done what I can, Thankyou ahead.

If they really are playing games, please confirm.