AppleTV PowerUp no longer reachable with clickpad


The button Play/Pause can trigger usage of the PowerUp. When a media application is running in parallel on tvOS it also consumes the key pressed signal of button Play/Pause. Therefore using the Play/Pause button usually stops running music in VLC or Spotify. Therefore we used this workaround:

  1. Up-Arrow # bottom menu shows
  2. Up Arrow # selects PowerUp at top
  3. Press entire clickpad or center button (depending on remote) # uses PowerUp

This no longer works since releae “1.39”. Only the button for Play/Pause is usable. Therefore we always have to switch the app (which interrupts the telemetry from trainer and heartrate-sensor) to launch playback again. Which is negative during races and group rides.

Can you please implement either of these?

  1. Previous behavior: PowerUp again reachable with pressing Up-Arrow.
  2. Alternative: Add possibility to select the PowerUp from bottom-menu.
  3. Alternative: Consume signal of Play/Pause only when a PowerUp is available and don’t forwarard button press signal to tvOS and other apps in the background.

While I think the last one is the most convenient and expected behavior I’m not sure if it can be implemented. Coming from Linux I assume that a focused window consumes a signal and doesn’t forward by default. Maybe the expected behavior on tvOS is different and therefore solution 1. was applied?

Thank you

Noticed this one today. Most of the time I use the companion but on occasion I can’t too conveniently — usually because I’m in a meeting or using my phone otherwise. Seemed like there was no way to activate the power up, would be nice to have it restored.

I’ve also just noticed that I can’t select the + and - options for changing the effort in workouts. I used to click the down arrow and it would select the % effort controls but this is now broken in the Apple TV and there seems to be no way of changing effort without using the companion app. Seems to have broken in either 1.40 or 1.41.

Answering my own question. I just found the missing effort controls for workouts on the Apple TV. There is now a pair or triangle-shaped up and down buttons in the popup control bar. I completely missed them the first time as I was expecting the old behaviour (and I was doing a workout, so not 100% there).

I have found the solution , instead on your ATV scrolling up for the action bar , scroll down and the power up will flash .

Scroll back up if it flashes and the action bar will return and the power up stops flashing .