AppleTV - Multipe Zwift accounts behave differently

I’ve got an odd one - my partner and I have separate zwift accounts but use the same AppleTV and trainer. My account works fine - everything is responsive. Her account is very slow and laggy. Menus take forever to load, events take a long time to start, etc.

I’ve developed a habit of always closing the app and restarting it. I’ve confirmed the behavior by logging in as me and navigating around, things are fine, then closing the app and switching zwift user and seeing the poor behavior on her account.


The only hardware/configuration difference is between us is that we use our own phones with the companion app, so I wonder if a companion app bug could be chewing up bandwidth?

Any ideas to chase this down would be appreciated.


Thats a weird one :smiley:

If you put both your phones into companion mode and repeat this, is the lag/slowness still there? That would be the first thing to check, to confirm your suspicion it might be related tot he companion app.