AppleTV ERG bug in update? [1.17.0]

If I try and connect my trainer through the companion app it won’t provide resistance to the trainer in SIM mode, if I connect by Bluetooth it works, but now limited to how many devices can connect

Similar here, although I’m not throttled. Makes ZA really hard!
erg broken and resistance doesn’t respond to terrain in regular mode.
happens on Apple TV 4k + companion app or if I just use the iPhone.
Using Kickr core
tried all the usual reboots etc, but still the same.
Have sent in e-mail to support.
will try bluetooth only later

ERG stopped working for me via companion app + ATV for the past couple days :frowning: The Zwift main iOS app works fine though.

I am in a smart trainer. I have banked over 3000 miles almost daily since feb 2021 using my Apple TV, companion app, iPhone and iwatch! I am also a tech geek and have run diagnostics on everything! Even pulled my tech geek husband in and everything I did is exactly how he would trouble shoot.

I have made sure all my iOS is current, all devices are running latest app updates, my smart trainer firmware is up to date and working perfectly outside of zwift. It is absolutely a glitch with the new update With Apple TV.

I have even factor restored my appletv and it didn’t fix the glitch. I uninstalled and reinstalled apps and didn’t fix glitch. I shut everything down and disconnected everything and turned everything on and reconnected everything & didn’t fix the glitch.

This has happened once before and you guys sent out a patch because it was a program glitch and then everything worked senseless after the previous fixed update fail/fix months ago.

In The mean time until you guys figure it out and send out a patch all of my stuff is working perfectly through the iPad and companion instead of the Apple TV and I have to mirror screen. I use companion app for my hr monitor so I am not willing to only run smart trainer with cadence and skip hr monitor.

In addition to my smart trainer throttling all my watts efforts to 75w it also was random disconnecting my iwatch, then my trainer and erg mode in workout got stuck off when I try to turn off and back on to try to fix being throttled.

As far as changing gears in erg it actually is necessary under some of the workouts. if I am going from a high cadence lower watts to a very low cadence higher watts and stand as the program cannot match the resistance with the trainer and that has always been the case. (can’t throw down 290watts on a small ring at 65watts-nor this down 100-105 rpm on big ring high gear) and I won’t jeopardize blowing my knees!

BTW Many people are having these problems since the update launched it is all over all the zwift riding groups.

I await the next update or patch…

I’m having the same problem as others, using all current firmware on ATV and Kickr Snap. If I connect directly to ATV or run Zwift from my iPhone, ERG workouts are fine. If I use the companion app, the wattage jumps around.

In the past week, it seemed like a similar problem arose in sim mode — it was fine over last weekend, but I couldn’t keep up with the “D” bot earlier this week — but I haven’t tried sim mode again since then.

Hi @shooj, thanks for the reply. In response to your questions:

  1. Kickr 2nd gen
  2. Companion app to pair BT
  3. & 4. Trainer doesn’t seem to be adjusting resistance in either ERG or SIM modes.

ATV4K is updated (tvOS 14.7) along with Zwift (v. 1.17.0) and companion app (v. 3.28.0 [1136]). Did spin downs on Zwift and Wahoo app.

Also, no map showing on companion app. Other screens are fine.

Thanks for any help!

I experienced the controller problem as soon as I upgraded to the latest version of the Zwift Companion v1.255.0 a few days ago. For me the controller issue (e.g. no ERG on a workout) only occurs through the ZC app. If I connect directing to the Apple TV then ERG works fine (even if I re-pair mid game).

I am using a Kikr V5 and all has been fine for months and months until this recent update of the ZC app.

I reported it to the support team and they told me this morning that it is a known bug and they are working on it. They could not provide a time frame for the fix.

Hi Shuji,

Normally I use a macbook pro for Zwift, without any ERG issues (using ANT+ USB from Wahoo). Yesterday I used Zwift op Apple TV for the first time and during the workout ERG could not hold the wattage on the right level. It went all over the place. Turning ERG on and off (directly on zwift app apple TV or via Companion app did not help).
-Apple TV 4K 2021 32GB (updated, last firmware)
-Zwift app (most recent version)

  • Wahoo Kickr V5 2021
  • Bluetooth connection directly with apple TV (Power/controller/cadence via Kickr V5, heartrate via Tickr)

Same today with Kickr snap.

Does anyone know when we will get an answer on this fix it’s been days with no response ?

Any news when zwift is going to fix erg/watts throttle issue between smart trainers (mine is kenetic) and ATV 4K??? I have written multiple messages about diagnostics /trouble shooting and it is definitely the program.
I have checked all software updates for all devices, done all operating system updates, factor restored atv, deleted apps and re downloaded

Using latest iPhone, iwatch, atv 4K watts in workout ar throttled at 75watts
In open ride resistance isn’t changing and still getting only 75 watts

All my devices are properly working outside of zwift including smart trainer. As a current work around on my iPad which I used the last time this happened on an update and u guys fixed with a patch 3-5 days later …
please fix -it is miserable & my eyes are suffering from small screen!

Here is a copy and paste of the email I received about 24 hours ago. I hope it helps:

You are correct this is an issue for other Zwifters. We’ve identified the issue with the most recent release of Zwift Companion for iOS. I’ve checked with our Dev team and have confirmed they’re working on a fix for this known issue where a controllable isn’t found.

While there isn’t an official workaround for this issue as of yet, the fix will come from our end. All you should need to do is keep your Zwift Companion app up to date. There’s as yet no time frame for when a fix can be expected but again, our Dev team is seeking a solution as quickly as possible.

Thanks for the info @Curtis_Campbell_Forc . Hoping for a fix sooner than later.

No resistance in SIM mode connecting thru Companion app or Apple TV directly since 1.17 update. Also, no progress bars on some routes either!
The only way I can get resistance mode to work is by running zwift on my iPad and screen mirror it to my tv using the Apple TV. Bit clunky but I guess a temporary solution for now.

There’s a new thread for this now. Please see Odd resistance changes in ERG mode [September 2021] [1.17.x]

I have been unable to pair my Stages SB20 as the controllable trainer via the Companion App / Apple Tv since the 1.17 update. I can pair the bike for power & cadence but not for ERGGGGGG… Any patches in the near future?

I have the exact same bike/setup. They told me they are working on it. If you connect the SB20 (using the Stages Bike XXXX connection on all 3 of the power/cadence/controllable) directly to your Apple TV it has been working for me. That leaves one BT connection on ATV for the HR monitor. It’s not as good of a setup, but it has allowed me to keep riding this week anyways. Hope this helps.

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Thanks Curtis. I’ll give that a shot if not, atleast I’m getting IRL power training.

The thread for this problem is at Bluetooth pairing issues using iOS Companion app [September 2021] [v3.28]

Update September 27

Hey all - we released Zwift Companion v3.28.1 this morning for iOS and Android. It may take a few hours for this release to propagate to servers globally.

One of the fixes addresses ERG mode flakiness for Apple TV users who use the Companion app as a Bluetooth bridge to pair their trainers. Please update to 3.28.1 as soon as possible. Would you loop back to let us know that ERG is behaving / not? Thanks!