AppleTV Blue tooth

(Mitch Godfrey) #1

I have been riding with an Apple TV 4K and the mobile app since November 2017. I continue to be frustrated with the difficulty in getting everything paired. Not only me but the other 5 riders I have recently introduced to Zwift. I had pretty much just decided to live with the problems thinking it is something in my environment. But having helped the new guys try to get going I realize that Zwift either doesn’t ever really ride with an apple tv or you have some magic sauce that you are using to link that we all don’t know about. Bottom line is it is way harder that it should be. Even when you think everything is connected once you start a ride something won’t work and you have to get out and pair and pair again. I just missed another work out because after 4 attempts at pairing everything appeared to be connected. So then I waited the 20 seconds I had left for the workout to start. Then everyone took off except me and about 5 other guys that I suspect were using apple tvs as well. We all just sat there with our legs spinning and no watts from our trainers.

I love zwift and so does Apple, I bet, since you have sold a bunch of units for them. But please fix this issue! It’s just unreliable and is giving you and I a black eye because I am selling Zwift and apple tv to friends. Now I have several people wondering why I sent them down this road.

PLEASE DON’T SEND ME ANOTHER LINK link with suggestions about how to pair.  I have read them all. I know how to pair. I do it about 3-4 time every time I get on Zwift.

Send me a link to a news story that says you have finally fixed the problem with Apple Tv and or the mobile link. You surely know you a problem at this point. Please, please fix it.


(Steve Copeland) #2

Works fine for me…

(Edwin Thaves) #3

I started experiencing dropped Bluetooth connections using Zwift on AppleTV 4k after the recent update. Everything worked great before then. The only solution I’ve found is to turn off Bluetooth on any devices within like a hundred feet of AppleTV. Then it works perfectly – you just can’t use Zwift Mobile Link to connect additional devices.

(Mark Osterkamp) #4

Agree. My apple watch disconnects four or five times per ride. Sometimes it reconnects itself, and sometimes I have to reconnect it. Support sends me outdated articles on how to connect via bluetooth, I send them log files, and nothing. Bad QA.

(Mitch Godfrey) #5

Another thing I have noticed on a couple of systems including mine recently. Sometimes you can be paired then start the ride and something that is paired via the mobile app won’t show on Zwift. For example on my ride yesterday the HR Monitor was paired but dropped on the ride but I noticed that it still showed up on the Mobile App.

(Mark Osterkamp) #6

Same here. That was a particularly frustrating one. A lot of bugs.

(Mitch Godfrey) #7

I think I am just going to log my rides and my bluetooth experiences in hopes it might help fix the bug and others with the same problem can have a reference to compare to.

My setup:

  • Apple TV
  • Mobile App on iPhone 7
  • Wahoo Kickr
  • Wahoo Cadence Sensor
  • Scosche Rythym+ HR Monitor

Today I did my usual start up routine which is:

  • Wake apple tv
  • Kill all apps on iPhone
  • Start Mobile Link app
  • Plug in the KickR
  • Wake up other devices
  • Start Zwift on the Apple TV
  • Attempt to pair

Today neither the cadence sensor or the HR monitor could be seen by Zwift on the first attempt. Meaning they just wouldn’t show up on the pairing screen. The KickR paired immediately. So I killed Zwift on the apple tv and tried to pair again. Not there. Did that one more time. Still not there. 

Next I unplugged the apple tv and tried it all again. Still the HR Monitor nor the cadence sensor would appear.

On a whim I thought I would hard reset the iPhone. As soon as the phone reset started (I happened to be on the HR Monitor pairing screen)  the HR monitor immediately appeared. I checked the cadence sensor and it was suddenly there as well. I didn’t finish the pairing as I waited for the iPhone to reboot. Once that happened and I started the Mobile Link app. I could pair all easily. Did my ride with no hiccups.

So the moral of the story I guess is to hard reset the iPhone occasionally. I believe this at least tells me that the issue is a mobile link app problem and not the zwift app on the apple tv.

Total time to pair today I estimate at about 10 minutes.




(Mitch Godfrey) #8


So the last two days everything has paired easily. The one problem is that both days the cadence sensor is paired to Mobile Link and the cadence number shows on the map screen on mobile link just fine. That number does not appear on the Zwift screen however. That’s fine but means that I can’t use my phone to look at another screen and still know my cadence. 

(Steve Copeland) #9

Interestingly I have developed an issue where Zwift keeps telling my I have run out of Bluetooth connections on the Apple TV and asks if I want to connect more by mobile connect.  I answer no a few times and then it connects and works as normal.  This has started in the last couple of days.  No change to my config of a Tacx Neo and CooSpo heart monitor since I started on Zwift.

So I assume an update has been pushed out this week with a bug?


(Hans van Gool CVR(C)) #10

I have AppleTv, iPhone, Wahoo Kickr, WAhoo TickrX and Wahoo cadence sensor. Units recently pairing was without problem. but since bezinning of april, with a Zwift update Zwift would not pair with The TickrX anymore. It either doesn’t See The TickrX at all, or does connect but then complain about No Signal. When I try to connect The TickrX with The Wahoo app, it succeeds immediately.

Now I run The companion app on my iPad.  And now I can connect with The TickrX again. So, obviously ZWift connecting with the TickrX with AppleTv and iPhone is sufferig from bugs. That is pretty annoying.

(Buddy The Elf (JPB)) #11

I feel like I am chasing a ghost as I look for a solution to my Zwift, AppleTV, Zwift Companion app issues. Originally thought it was my internal wifi problem but it has to go deeper and way above my pay grade. I can lose all telemetry, or some telemetry, but eventually my avatar stops pedaling, pulls to the side of the road, and just looks around like he needs a friend. Sometimes it corrects itself but mostly it results in a lot of foul language and me trying to reconnect (and/or pair all or some devices) in the hope I can rejoin the group - very frustrating. CycleOps Powerbeam Pro, AppleTV 4K, iPhone 7.

(Andre Hufschmid) #12

I have been using Apple TV 4K for the last 2 months and no issues what so ever. I have a tacx Neo and wahoo heartrate belt. Not one issue.

(Jose L Velez) #13

It’s good to know I’m not the only person with this issue.

I have a:

  • CycleOps Magnus Trainer

  • Pioneer Power Meter

  • Duo Tap S (Speed and Candace)

  • Garmin Heart rate Monitor

I do have devices that can bridge the Ant+ senors… 4iiii Heartrate Monitor (built in Bridge) and a CableConfig device. Both can bridge the Ant+ signals to Bluetooth.

If someone would give me a recommendation on how I should set things up on my AppleTV 4K, I would really appreciate it.

I would rather use my Apple TV 4K than my iPad.

(Mitch Godfrey) #14

I seem to have the least trouble if I don’t pair anything to the Apple TV and just pair it all via the companion app. Shut down all apps on the phone first. Start the companion app, then pair it all there. Hope that helps.

(Hans van Gool CVR(C)) #15

I was having problems, but when I follow this sequence everything seems to work fine: first start Zwift on ATV. Connect Wahoo Kickr, then connect Wahoo Tickr HRM. Now start conpanion app on iPhone. And connect Wahoo cadence sensor with companian app.

When I start The companion app befor connecting The Kickr an Tickr HRM, unpredictable problems could occur.