AppleTV and Changing Users

My wife and I both ride and share an AppleTV, but we each have our own trainers ( Kickr and a Kickr Snap ).  Having an issue when we change users between our accounts and then change the Power Source and Controllable Trainer.  Some of the time it works, but many times it gets “stuck” and won’t calibrate or register the new trainer without a restart of the AppleTV.

More info, this is definitely still occuring with the latest update.

Symptoms are inability to calibrate ( spindown never reaches 0 mph ), and wildly varying power readings from the Kickr Snap.

Rebooting the AppleTV fixes it every time.  It’s then fine until the next time we switch riders.

Our workaround is that we each have to reboot the AppleTV after we ride.

Reproducing it 100% of the time that we don’t restart before switching riders.