AppleTV 4k Bluetooth Disables / Greyed out in Zwift on Ride


Had a ride on Tuesday 15th Feb , after applying the update, where approx every 10 mins , power dropped to zero / avatar stopped and the blue pairing display top left , got completly greyed out. Not your traditional Bluetooth dropout.

Was able to to fix this each time by going into Pair screen and all of a sudden would pick up the devices , i returned to game and all ok until it happened about 8-10 mins later.

Have a friend with a Wattbike Atom v1 that has had same issue today, but is already on latest version of tvOS

  • Garmin Dual HR / Kickr 2018
  • Both above paired to TrainerRoad at same time on Android phone via bluetooth and this carried on working fine when Zwift failed (i know this is niche setup / never caused any issues before / friend with Wattbike doesnt have this setup)
  • Not paired via companion app.
  • Distance from Kickr to Apple TV about 1.5m , slightly less to Android Phone.
  • Started ride on different course / same issue after about 10 mins
  • I upgraded to latest version of TvOS 15.3 and haven’t had problem on 4 rides since then. That said, I didnt try a straight reboot before doing upgrade.
  • Have checked Troubleshooting Guide - nothing obvious

It would be good to understand what causes the top left pairing display to go offline / maybe someone @ Zwift to have a look my logs ? Can get my friend to add to this thread if it helps.

thanks in advance,

I suspect this is your problem, Bluetooth can only talk to on device at a time.

Hi Gerrie,

not true in my case, the Kickr i think transmits 2 bluetooth across channels and this setup has never failed in this way before

(see Bluetooth section)

Also Garmin Dual HR is able to pair to 2 bluetooth devices at same time

I was thinking maybe the Kickr was dropping 1 of the channels intermittantly but then my HR monitor is independent of that.

Granted this dual connection may not be supported by Zwift.

And my pal not doing TrainerRoad thing and has same symptoms - ie the top left display (with hr,cadence,power getting completly greyed out)


… I guess a 3rd device could have kicked in and grabbed the connections , i do have Zwift full app on my phone , just checked logs and didnt run it on that day

EDIT : Actually Kickr 2018 supports up to 3 connections !

K ICKR '18 Firmware v3.4.69 - 4 September 2019

  • Added: Integrated cadence – simplifies setup by providing accurate cadence directly from your trainer, eliminating the need for external sensors.
  • Added: Powerful connectivity - new support for up to 3 Bluetooth® connections to ensure a trouble-free start to your workout