Apple & Zwift.....Just a Mess for Me Only?

Okay, this will not be pleasant, but for a paid service I have to say. The simple ability to share data reliably to the leading health data service in the world is just lackadaisical at best if not non-existent. I have to assume there is some parasitic relationship with other apps which do make you pay for cloud data collection and transfer because anything Apple and Zwift just tends to be really, really half hearted effort or “what we can give the intern coder.” (PS if that intern situation is not the case, my condolences)

I used to fight with Companion and the Apple Watch over and over again and it is absolute trash. So inconsistent in connectivity that my cardio health rating on Apple Health is telling me “you okay?” No, Apple Health, I’m good, its Zwift that has an unhealthy relationship with you and, no, my heart is not completely not beating every ten minutes or so…To be fair that is when the Watch is actually detected at all after rebooting everything and starting a ride ticked off.

I won’t even go into the mess that is using bluetooth headphones while riding and getting a call with Companion…just flimsy. HR will drop as soon as you try to answer a call.

Look, this is not rocket science, I just need a way to get full metric data into Apple Health, I used to go for Strava but they started doing some weird things with pay-to-report crap.

While we are at it, does anyone else feel iPad UI is really poor? No, I don’t want to start a phantom ride so I can access my garage and settings for the multitude of notifications and badge alerts you leave lying around , Zwift. Also, when I swipe away the “riding near you” menu, I don’t want to follow the rider I swiped near, I wanted to swipe the menu away, code conditional behavior like a grown-up … Lastly, if I am looking for routes to ride and I sort by something, that selection means I am done sorting, I don’t need the sorting menu to stay up covering up the data I WANTED TO SORT TO!

Okay, rant over, just finished a ride and basically frustrated. But between this BS and fighting with Companion I am always frustrated a little after riding Zwift.

And that is why I use a PC. Apple is a closed system. They do not want to work with anyone.

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