Apple Watch Unpaired Bug

I’ve only started to get back into Zwift after the summer off to find that my Apple Watch 6 won’t register with the companion App at all. Trainer is hooked up via the Apple TV 4k and I only use the app for map and HR info. I find it maddening that Zwift can’t figure this out and will be looking for other programs. The watch fails to close rings due to the lack of heart rate info. We don’t want more/new maps, we want a stable platform.

For those just seeing this thread, if you’re interested in the resolution of this issue, please hit the vote button on this thread. Thanks!

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Not sure it has been mentioned yet in this thread, but one of the motivations behind having this issue resolved is not only to have the heart rate displayed via the watch, but (per Zwifts support doc) the Apple Watch must be used as a Zwift heart rate monitor in order to add data to Apple Health app.

[this is where i would link the Apple Watch section of the Zwift Heart Rate monitors support document, but unable to post links in forum posts]

This limitation doesn’t seem to be shared in other apps, such as Strava or Wahoo, which are able to add workout data to Apple Health without the need to go thru the Apple Watch.

This means the issue isn’t an Apple Watch limitation or something outside of Zwifts control, it’s a poor implementation.

My point being, it may seem like we are simply talking about having the convenience of heart rate directly from our Apple Watch, but it goes beyond that as demonstrated above.

Thanks, and if you are just joining us and interested in the resolution of this issue, please hit the vote button in this thread.


I have found exactly the same issue. Just getting back to Zwift after having summer out on the roads but iWatch 5 wont even pair properly. Really frustrating and like others on here this is the second time this year Ive had problems pairing my watch to Zwift.

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Same issue here (AW6). Really anoying, not really 2021, and not 15 eur/month. Please resolve!

As an alternative, you can use the HeartCast app which for me connects fine every time. It does have little drops during the workout but I found that happened a bit even when I used the Zwift apple watch app. Just download heart cast and connect your watch to heartcast before getting on the bike. Then at the start up screen, just connect to your apple watch like any other heart rate monitor. You won’t get a bike workout in your activity app unless you write the workout to Strava and then you have Strava record in apple watch.

And by the way, this is definitely a software issue and not a network connectivity issue. I ran this on a managed network with a close (3m) primary access point and two backup access points within reach. Packet drop was almost non-existent (< 10E-4), the network was open between all devices, router/FW did not drop any packets from any of the hosts. And still it sometimes works, and sometimes doesn’t. If any devs at Zwift need packet traces, let me know what you need and I can probably provide them.

I am equally DEMENTED !!! Been Zwifting for 18 months and always have HR issues with the Apple Watch. Last night I was taking part in a WTRL race. It took no less than 4-5 “kills” on the watch before it was stable. I had to do all this during the race or it would result in a DQ on Zwiftpower.

The only solution seems to be to buy a Wahoo HR chest monitor. So pissed off with this situation.

Eric - please deploy the necessary resources to nail this problem once and for all.

Thanks !

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I have been facing the same issue.

This is how i got it working. On your iphone go to the Watch app and under the installed apps, you will have the Companion app and Zwift app.

Remove the Zwift app from the watch. I think sometimes the Zwift app starts automatically on the watch instead of the Companion app,

If it still doesn’t work, try pressing the side button on the watch and closing the companion app and reopening it.

Then if it still doesn’t work, check your watch to see if a workout activity has started. If so, end the workout and go back to the companion app on the watch.

This process and checking works every time for me.

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I solved the problem by go to the “Health” app on iPhone, tabbed the “Sharing” Tab at the bottom, then tabbed the “Apps” → tabbed “Zwift”, from there allow zwift to do whatever you want, that’s it.

Common problem these days, those gadgets and online services(paid version) aren’t cheap at all, their producers just can’t care less to provide proper instructions, that’s especially true for most mobile apps.

Good luck guys !

All the best

Sorry for reviving this thread, but just wanted to check… I’m using an apple watch, have tried the theatre mode trick, and also have given the companion app as many permission as I can to the Apple Health app, but it is still hit and miss whether or not the apple watch keeps track of heart rate for the entire ride. Sometimes it does, sometimes it dies in 10 mins, sometimes killing the app and starting it up again works, I haven’t figured out the algorithm for consistent success on this. Is this issue actually resolved for anyone consistently, or is it just a known issue at this point?

It’s been a known issue for years, without Zwift lifting a finger to fix it–please be sure to vote for this topic at the top of this page to move this further up the bug list. I’ve been using the HeartCast app as mentioned above. It can take a couple tries but is the most consistent method I’ve found. Order of operations is to open and start Heartcast on the watch>open Companion on phone>click on Apple TV logon. Lift wrist to confirm Companion on the watch has started and connected with HR.

Great to come back to Zwift and see this is still an issue after a few years.

Alpha- functionality may not work.
Beta- largely works, might have minor issues or unknown crashing bugs.

This functionality is alpha software. Definitely not beta.

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Zwift killed Apple Watch software in the last client update. I realize that maybe not a lot of people use their Apple Watch as a primary HRM, but we did have Alpha functionality at best, so it’s no loss. I’d given up on this some time ago.

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Ugh, I guess I am not alone with this issue. I wrestle each time I use zwift…sometimes I get lucky but more and more it DOES NOT work. I will be looking at other smart ride software that works with my apple watch I guess.

Hello all…glad I found this thread but I suppose still no resolution.

My trouble is that I’ve just upgraded to a new iPad Pro 12.9in to use in my trainer setup. Everything works perfectly.

I’m out of town and wanted to run on hotel treadmill and tried to pair AW 6 to Zwift for HR and run speed but had no success getting it paired.

The AW does pair to the Zwift app on my phone but only after installed the Zwift App on my AW.

I’ve done this before on an older iPad Pro in the past so unsure what exactly I’m doing wrong.

Any solution? Here it’s been very unreliable, sometimes works, sometimes not, but for a while now it never works. So frustrating…

See the update on Apple Watch support at the end of the initial post at Upcoming Changes to Supported Operating Systems [December 2021]


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Same exact thing happens on my end.
In fact, it used to pair better a few months ago. Now I have to go through a voodoo ritual to get the watch to pair properly. So frustrating.

Either fix the problem or don’t make it available at all so that we can move on.

I don’t mind buying a separate item but I’d rather not if I have a perfectly good smart device that can do the job.