Apple Watch Unpaired Bug

The Zwift companion app’s ability to pair with the Apple Watch is abysmally buggy and needs to be fixed. I start Zwift on my computer and get in to the pairing screen. I then start the Zwift companion on my iPhone, which automatically launches the companion app on my watch. However, 9 times out of 10, even though the watch app is properly launched it doesn’t list any heart rate and instead says “unpaired”. This also happens if I wait until I’m in game before watching the companion.

I next spend my entire 15 minute warm up, restarting the iOS app and the watch app, restarting the phone and the watch, restarting the iOS app and the watch app again, going to the “device connections” on settings, turning it off and on again. Over and over and over. Each time I wait for a bit to see if this time, the green “In Game” message will show on the watch and my heart rate will show, but it is a voodoo process with no easy repeatability. Most of the time it fails. In the bluetooth menu in the companion app it shows the apple watch with a little warning symbol over it. The desktop app says it is connected to my apple watch but isn’t actually receiving HR data. Eventually something magically fixes and everything clicks and it works… or sometimes not.

I know many other people have this problem, because searching for “Apple Watch Unpaired” on google returns lots of results of users complaining about the same thing.

By the way, I have meticulously updated every part of the chain–the desktop app, the phone app, the watch app, the OS on each as well. Everything is 100% up to date, and this problem persists.

It is incredibly frustrating, and not something I have to deal with on other Watch-Phone paired apps, which seem to all work fine. The only app I have regular problems with is Zwift and it is clearly not implementing or using some protocol correctly.