Apple Watch Unpaired Bug

The Zwift companion app’s ability to pair with the Apple Watch is abysmally buggy and needs to be fixed. I start Zwift on my computer and get in to the pairing screen. I then start the Zwift companion on my iPhone, which automatically launches the companion app on my watch. However, 9 times out of 10, even though the watch app is properly launched it doesn’t list any heart rate and instead says “unpaired”. This also happens if I wait until I’m in game before watching the companion.

I next spend my entire 15 minute warm up, restarting the iOS app and the watch app, restarting the phone and the watch, restarting the iOS app and the watch app again, going to the “device connections” on settings, turning it off and on again. Over and over and over. Each time I wait for a bit to see if this time, the green “In Game” message will show on the watch and my heart rate will show, but it is a voodoo process with no easy repeatability. Most of the time it fails. In the bluetooth menu in the companion app it shows the apple watch with a little warning symbol over it. The desktop app says it is connected to my apple watch but isn’t actually receiving HR data. Eventually something magically fixes and everything clicks and it works… or sometimes not.

I know many other people have this problem, because searching for “Apple Watch Unpaired” on google returns lots of results of users complaining about the same thing.

By the way, I have meticulously updated every part of the chain–the desktop app, the phone app, the watch app, the OS on each as well. Everything is 100% up to date, and this problem persists.

It is incredibly frustrating, and not something I have to deal with on other Watch-Phone paired apps, which seem to all work fine. The only app I have regular problems with is Zwift and it is clearly not implementing or using some protocol correctly.

Hi John Im facing the same issues. I had a Series 4 watch and the Zwift Companion app with Apple TV it seemed to work ok. Although I had to reconnect to it sometimes. However when I ran Zwift on my IOS device it seemed to get stuck recording the first HR and randomly update after that.

I upgraded to a Series 6 watch and now nothing works. It sits on unpaired no matter what I try.

After a lot of struggling with it I see whats happening:

As I use my device to run and ride. I will switch between using the app on an Ipad for running with Stryd and a treadmill and an Apple TV for cycling. Whats happening is that the bluetooth signal is being held by that device unless it is restarted completely. Zwift have to figure out a better way of a device completely disconnecting from the watch when its not being used.

In short solution is restart all devices using Zwift and bluetooth connections before pairing again. I hope this helps.

On a side note the Apple Series 6 works far better then a 4 on transmitting a constant HR to the IOS app directly

I’m having the same issues as everyone else. I have an Apple Watch 3. Only Been using Zwift for 6 weeks but just recently started having the consistent connectivity issues with HR on watch. I’ve tried everything people have mentioned on this thread (reinstalling apps, re-setting Bluetooth settings, connecting to companion app on phone while regular app runs on iPad, etc.). Is Zwift making headway on this correction??? This is obviously a big problem that either Zwift or Apple need to fix!

Cancelling subscription because of this.


This describes my issues exactly! Zwift is excellent except for this highly annoying bug!! What say you @Zwift? is anyone working on this issue? It used to work relatively consistently but zero in the last week or so…frustrating!!!

This Apple Watch pairing issue seems to get worse…

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Just to add to the chorus, the watch app has NEVER worked on my series 5. I personally don’t think it’s a biggie since I have my phone with the companion app mounted on my handlebars and it’s much easier to monitor things that way anyway. However, it SHOULD work.

I have always had this problem, Apple Watch 3, 4, and now 6. I was really hoping it would get better but hasn’t improved one bit! I fiddle with it think I have it figured out but the next day back to not working. It seems to pair fine, but then just disconnects. I need to monitor my heart rate when I work out. I would like to be all blue tooth and not have to put on my chest strap with ANT+.
So Zwift developers, why Can’t you make this work?

I had the Apple Watch working great for about a week straight…until…another Zwift update and now I seem back to square one. It’s quite annoying…

David you make it sound as if it works with the Companion App? I get very sporadic results with the companion app. Sometimes I get it working and sometimes not. It’s quite frustrating. Are you saying it “always” works with the Companion app for you?

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I’m with you on this. I have the 6 series IWatch and just started using the companion app with the main Zwift to take full advantage of what the Paid app is supposed to deliver. I have yet to get the app to pair to my watch. Without using the companion and just running regular Zwift is hit or miss. I get paired maybe 60 percent of the time. I can’t fathom having to go through all the start, restart, try to pair, etc. Certainly not why I pay $14.99 a month. This is not rocket science. The developers need to get this fixed because this is a huge issue for a lot of people and frustrating.

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The alleged Apple Watch compatibility should at least be labeled as a beta feature since it is such a disaster. The latest client update seems to have made it even worse, incredibly. I force closed and restarted the Watch app a dozen times today before giving up. It paired exactly once, for a couple seconds, before dropping again. I’m at the stage where I’ll stop trying and wait for Zwift to tell me they actually fixed it.

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It is labeled as beta. It’s been beta for coming on four years. Frankly, Zwift QA is incompetent, and the employees rarely check this forum, other than to post info on software updates that create more bugs than fixes.

That said, here is a consistent way to get Apple Watch to work using Companion App:

  1. In the pairing screen at start up, unclick the watch and then click the watch to pair it.
  2. Choose your route, etc, and get on your bike.
  3. Before pedaling, wake up your watch. Then, cover it with your hand. Then tap the watch face. 99.9% of the time, it is unpaired.
  4. Go to Menu → Bluetooth, and unpair and repair the watch. Exit to the ride.
  5. Wake your watch. Cover the face again and tap it to confirm it is still connected. It will be. If, by chance, it isn’t, repeat step 4 and 5.
  6. Ride on.

This always works for me. Hopefully it works for you and all Apple Watch users.


Zwift hasn’t been labelled as beta ever since they started charging for membership.

Not Zwift. Apple Watch functionality is labeled as beta. It’s still in beta. From their website:

Apple® Watch support as a HR monitor is now in beta! While there may be some bugs, you can check it out now. Pairing basically works like it would for a normal Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) HR monitor, but you will need to complete these steps first:

My apologies.

On the one hand, knowing it’s labeled as a beta (although I think it just appeared on my watch automatically in synchronization with my iPhone) makes me a little less frustrated since Zwift doesn’t actually expect it to work. OTOH, Apple Watch is probably the biggest selling HRM in the world and it’s irritating to pay for such a haphazardly managed service.

I did get a connection today unpairing and pairing on startup, and then again at the starting gate. Thanks for the tip!

No, is not. The most athletes are using chest strap HRM and not watches.

That’s not what Jimmy said… he’s right. Apple Watch is the highest selling HRM in the world. I have multiple chest strap combinations and have used them for years while racing; however, I hate wearing them. For the trainer I’ll switch to my watch every time I can. I know it’s not as “accurate” maybe but it’s just waaay more comfy for my current needs…

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