Apple Watch not connecting since latest update [February 2024] [1.58]

Zwift should remove the option to install Zwift or Companion on the Apple Watch. What’s the point of leaving it as an option when it doesn’t work?

In their announcement they originally said they were going to remove it. That never happened. I guess it “sorta works” for a bunch of folks.

I’ve had all sorts of issues in the past connecting my AW to Zwift (which I run on my iPad). So for sometime, I’ve used a Garmin HRM connected to the PM5 on my Concept 2 Bike Erg. Today, my Garmin stopped working so I tried the AW again. In the past, on the couple of occasions I’ve managed to get the AW to connect, I’ve done so using the Companion App - which I’m sure was the recommended route. That just didn’t work this time. Neither would using the Zwift App.

So today I just had to record my HR using Indoor Cycle on AW. It really bugs me that the ride data from Zwift that I send to Strava, doesn’t have heart rate data.

Connecting the AW to the Zwift App on my iPhone works no problem. But I want Zwift on the bigger screen of my iPad and also use the Companion App on a Group Ride.

It looks like some have managed to get it working and others haven’t. Which is just mad and annoying really. I really don’t want to spend £40+ on another Garmin HRM just for Zwift when I can use my AW on all my other activities.

Would it be possible for those using an iPad and successfully connecting their AW, to describe the process the use.

Thanks …

Do you know why your HRM stopped working? I have both a Garmin Dual and a Magene and they’ve been working flawlessly for years.

I’m not sure. Mine is also the Garmin Dual and I have changed batteries before when it’s started to struggle connecting to my Concept 2 (Rower and Bike Erg) - but this time it doesn’t want to know.

That would work if the Companion app was stable.

Anyone having issues with this again?mine hasn’t connected all this week and I’ve had to use the heart cast app instead (which i happen to have installed for testing mywoosh, since Zwift increased their prices…)

Update on the Apple Watch update…

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Mine never works anymore. Between the way this has been handled and communicated, the price increases, and the myriad of available alternatives, this app just isn’t worth it anymore. Why would someone pay so much for something that requires substantial inconvenient workarounds and still doesn’t work half the time? I’ll miss my group rides but look forward to finding others in apps which have more lean and capable development teams. Sayonara, Zwift.

When will this be fixed? It’s really frustrating that I’ve just spent a lot of money on a Zwift bike and the membership and now I’m being told to also buy their heart rate monitor when I already have one?

Your complaint should really be with Apple for not just broadcasting the HR data using open standard protocols like every other watch maker.

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That said, the apple watch works pretty consistently with the concept 2 rower’s free app, so it’s probably not a completely unsolvable problem with their current APIs.

Of course it’s solvable but if Apple played nice with the open, standard protocols, it would just work without Zwift (or any other apps) having to do anything.

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