Apple watch HRM dropping out


I appreciate that the Apple Watch HRM is only in beta at the moment, but I do find that at least 50% of the time, the connection seems to drop and I end up with no heart rate information.

I’m using an Apple Watch 2 with an iPhone 7 running Mobile Link and while I can usually get it to pair fairly successfully, the connection seldom holds out for an entire workout, cycling or running. 

It’s normally worse when I’m running than cycling and is generally the only item I’ve got connected to the phone via Bluetooth.

Has anyone had more / less success?  Suggestions for a stable connection?


It rarely works for me (apple watch 1) - it actually worked better early on. The last couple of updates, and I can’t make it work at all. I have tried directly with iPad running Zwift and also using an iPhone running the mobile link. I can get the second method working occasionally, but certainly not at all reliable at this point…

I like it much better than a chest strap and wish it worked


Same, iPhone X with Apple Watch Series 2. Only recently become very unreliable. Connects during App launch, random HR to start with then briefly syncs current HR to the game then drops 5-15 seconds later. Doesn’t connect for the duration of that in game session.