Apple Watch HRM doesn't always work

I tried looking for answers here.  I have an Apple Watch Series 2.  I find that the heart rate works for the first bit of my rides and then stops working.  It says it is paired but the heart rate doesn’t change at all.

It seems to stop working if I get a notification on the watch from another app (activity app, message app, email, etc.).  I can’t pair it once again while riding even though I have tried through the menu and the bluetooth connection screen.

Anyone else having this issue.  Any thoughts on how to get around this problem besides turning off all my notifications on the watch?


This is a limitation of BTLE - devices are only able to connect to one master at a time.

When your phone sends a notification to the watch, it “steals” the connection.

As you discovered, turning off phone notifications works. Turning off bluetooth on the phone should also work.

I don’t have an Apple Watch Series 2 to test with, but I suspect you may be able to get around this limitation by using the iOS mobile app to bridge the watch’s sensor to the main Zwift app. This would keep the watch and phone connected via BTLE - avoiding the connection issue - yet still provide a data path for the HRM data.

Perhaps try that?